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Friday, July 03, 2009

Rebuilding Project Stalls as Mets Take Second in a Row
The Pirates tried, but failed, to match the Mets for lameness yesterday.

Tim Redding. Elmer Dessens? Who's the Pittsburgh Pirates here?

When the prat falling Mets brought their follies in to walk the plank for a rainy all-day matinee, the loss seemed guaranteed. Think the Pirates were going to take that? They fought back by letting the vomitous Mets back into the game. They actually sent a pitcher named "Meek" to pitch the 7th!!

That nice fella Fernando Tatis finally found some pitching in the major leagues he could hit, which is a good thing because the next option was to seek out some AA teams for exhibition contests.

Then, just when the scrubs scratch out 8 runs, that's when the Mets stars fail. That seems to be the way it is for these bozos. The Mets were about to take a 2 game streak in to the Philmes series this weekend but Frankie "K-Rod" Rodriguez could not hold the AAA Pirates offense in check even with a 2 run lead, finding the one Pirates hitter that could send his baseball over the fence.

So Rodriguez got lit up by baseball's most fearsome offense. You could be forgiven for thinking: remind me again why these Mets need a pricey, record setting closer exactly?

The Mets are true artists of bad baseball. They do those little things to lose ballgames that don't show up the scorecard. And they do other little upsetting things too. Castillo playing centerfield in the 9th because FMart, who takes more Cedeno-esque routes to balls every day, breaks the wrong way. A mere shitty team would just fold and lose when they had the chance. But these Mets see the game as a giant canvas with which to finger paint all manner of disastrous baseball; there was still daylight to waste, still uniforms to dishonor, still fans to disgust.

The nice thing about PNC Park is that from the field, you can see the bridge you want to throw yourself off of.

That means that when Brandon Moss laced what would have mercifully been a game winning, game-shortening RBI off of Frank the Blower in the 9th, it went right into Luis Castillo's glove. With no bench and one pitcher left in the bullpen, Jerry brilliantly took his club into extra innings. Did any Met fan really want this to continue?

When Ryan Church and Tatis combined for a run in the 10th when Pirate centerfielder McCutchen decided to go for two with his throw home, Rodriguez came out again (ensuring he'd be unavailable for a meaningful game vs the Philmes) and did what he could have just done 20 minutes earlier. The NY Mets: Even their wins are annoying.

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  • At 10:40 AM, Blogger Jaap said…

    this game had more lows than the final days of an AIDs junkie's life. Still, two quasi-exciting victories we can point to in September when we're 10 games behind.

  • At 12:15 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    10 games back...what makes you think it won't be July?


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