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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keyser's Korner: A Trip to Citi to See Fred Wilpon's Favorite Team

Keyser here, fresh off an official GLANYMFSBC scouting trip of Citifield.

The first thing to catch my eye is that unlike at California ballparks, at Citifield tailgating and general ball playing is encouraged. (First three photos)
Outside the stadium, there were a few reminders of Shea stadium (photos 4-7):
This Mets fan was devastated by the obsolescence of his T-shirt, but ingenuity soon won out (photo 8):
They take their security seriously there. Every fan got frisked (photo 9):
Could it be, the new home of the Mets? (photo 10):
However, it became quite clear whose home this really was (photos 11-13)
To be fair, I thought the play area in the outfield area was pretty cool (photos 14-19)
This encapsulated my experience crossing the Kosciusko bridge to get to the park: (photo 20)
Manny practicing being Manny (photo 21)
At last, a tribute to something Mets related, Tom Gl ... err, Jesse Orosco (photo 22)
It wouldn’t be CitiField without a store designed by another Dodgers fan (photo 23)
At least the eats were good! (photo 24)
The Mets thought of every contingency, even if Heaven forbid the Mets manage to start a rally! (photo 25)
Now this is a reminder of Shea Stadium! (photo 26)
This is Manny being Manny, delivering his first run-scoring base hit of the night. But hey, the Mets resigned Oliver Perez! (photo 27)
Ultimately, the Wilpons were successful. The stadium truly is new Dodgers Stadium. Look at the park empty in the 7th just like the old Dodgers Stadium! (photos 28 and 29)
All in all, a full night of major league baseball played by the Dodgers, just the way the Wilpons designed it. Good night from Ebbets ... errr, CitiField (photo 30)


In NY, you can light a fire in a public place for reasons other than starting a riot


Sam Adams, the official beer goggles to watch Mets baseball


These kids are way too young for Omar to scout. Come back when you are 35 and washed up




These memories of Shea Stadium are right where they belong ... the parking lot!


Which stadium did these memories occur at again?


Tom who?!? ... this is a Jesse Orosco shirt!


The knife is OK, but Im going to have to confiscate the I don't believe in Omar sign.



Dear Omar, please note that the players in the example of teamwork pictured above are not wearing Mets uniforms.


Where is the Shea club again?


Number of collages of Ebbets Field - 2. Number of collages of Shea Stadium or the Polo Grounds (at least the Mets used to play there) - zero.


OK, one Shea reference (the Manhattan skyline thing)


I wish my seat was this comfortable


Better than meeting the other Mets


This was pretty cool, I have to admit. Better than the wiffle ball field at Petco


Obviously, this is not really David Wright, since you would never see him circling the bases after a home run this year.


This was funny. The guy was saying "Go Dodgers" Sadly, there is no water in the tank, only pillows.






There is no pork in the Keyser diet.


Which setting is for panic?





Is the shake shack still open?


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  • At 4:54 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Nice job, My man, Mr. Keyser!!! Sounds like you had a fun trip to NYC. Is that you in front of the Kosher Grill?

  • At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Keyser said…

    Yep, thats me.

  • At 9:25 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    Great - nice to put a face to you!

  • At 7:29 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    So it is possible to have fun at a met game, the key being, of course: do not watch the ball game itself. The mets have passed over to the other side. Even the most devout masochist would find their games unbearable. And when people cry injury, or say Omar has done a lot of good things, I ask the question: where are we now? we have no bench, no capable backups, no prospects. these so called prospects we do not want to trade will probably not make it anyway. Most teams have a lot of prospects, knowing that at least half of them will be busts and half of the rest might be average at best. We have Holt, Mejia, the injury prone Martinez, and Niese, a guy we send down when he has one bad performance, yet we allow Redding to do it over and over again. In two years we will be in last place. Omar has bought some decent players, yes,he can write a check, but he has never had a plan. This shambles of an organization is a laughing stock in the league. Autonomy is fine, but it does not mean burying your head in the sand. Jeff Wilpon has a good working relationship with Omar? That is because Jeff Wilpon understands omar. Jeff Wilpon is only capable of understanding a fellow moron. And let us not blame the injury problems of this team on the doctors. Do we really believe that these doctors cannot diagnose injuries? It is what this pathetic organization does with the info they are given that has caused the problems. maybe the trainers are incompetent but I sincerely doubt that doctors at the hospital for special surgery do not know what they are talking about. This travesty must end. And the only way it will happen is if met fans stop going to games. Empty rental space is the only thing that real estate slimeballs can understand. In a way, all of these other attractions at the park are hedges against a poorly performing product. Very sinister, if you ask me.


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