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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Evaluatin' the Revoltin' Metropolitans

The beginning of the end (photo swiped from the Daily News).

I haven't been motivated to post on this lousy team. I started about 3 posts then lost interest. Judging by the comments section, so have my readers. This blog was created in bad times to provide on-line comedy to go with the on-field tragedy. But the yuks are few and far in between.

If you're looking for symbolic low points, the Ollie vs. Lowe face off has to be a contender. Omar's dumbest move by far, set out neatly so that no one could miss it. Frank the Closer walking in Mariano Rivera on the occasion of Rivera's record setting whatever has to be there for shear symbolic humiliation. And, in the near future, the coming, almost inevitable nadirs will no doubt include Pedro Martinez no-hitting the Mets as a Phillie. No one will be watching by then, but still.

Today's win over the Br*ves was nice I suppose. That Johan didn't get lit up alone was soothing. I watched it in Spanish, the only feed available in Los Angeles, which made the Faux broadcast strangely tolerable. No, I do not speak Spanish. My impressions are the following: Angel Pagan and Alex Cora would be nice backups on a contender, when not injured. It was scary to watch David Wright's ankle get turned, but who isn't expecting him to go down soon? After Gary Sheffield refused a ride on the Atlanta injury pick-up truck last night (cue banjo music) and hobbled into the clubhouse under his own power, I figured there was only one man left standing. Friday night's drubbing also left me thinking its time for Big Pelf to stop coming up small, and spend some time in the minors learning how to get batters out.

MLB prides itself on its internet video presence. But its pages are damn near unnavigable. Just try finding the recap video (the one you'd want to watch first rather than piece highlights from both teams together yourself) linked anywhere near Marty "Pants" Noble's game descriptions. To find the videos even, you have to go through the scoreboard page to get to the shared recap (both teams) page, and even then the main recap doesn't always turn up. And what's with the tiny tiny picture in the middle of a huge black space? The MLB website is run like the Mets; with seemingly no forethought or obvious ability.

The Mets accomplishments thus far basically boil down to the successful job retainment skills of Omar and Jerry, and the fans crunching their way into the record book via potato chips. The Mets brass must have been excited to see the ill-informed preseason prediction polls as to which team would have a successful year, but everyone knew that last season's make over was not nearly comprehensive enough.

If you want to catch up on your mid-season reading, Adam Rubins' article is as good a place to start as any, as it condemns the medical staff's approach, something I've been hoping to see addressed by the media in more detail. Rubin claims that Mets players are comfortable with the doctors, its the way the organization uses the docs input that has them steaming, off the record. Beltran is said to be pissed. As for JJ Putz:

Putz, who ultimately underwent surgery last month to remove a bone spur from his right elbow, had been told by team doctor David Altchek weeks earlier that he needed to immediately have the spur removed, a team source said. Instead, the Mets advocated a cortisone shot. Putz went 0-2 with a blown save and 7.71 ERA in 10 subsequent appearances before needing the procedure anyway.

One question that I can't understand is, if Altchek knew about bone spurs a couple months ago, did this problem develop sometime between the winter and then? Probably not. So who examines players the Mets are looking to acquire? Dr. Who? This guy?
Too many bad apples?

This season is particularly hard to assess. One approach says that the Mets continued failures are symptomatic of the people the Wilpons have charged with planning and executing the Mets strategy. Outside of calls for Minaya and Manuel's heads, attention is starting to fall on other suspects, like Mets VP Tony Bernazard and Trainer Ray Ramirez. The Mets front office is filled with bad apples, and some say fire everybody.

Another approach says the fire sale needs to start now. Of course, with Shef going down yesterday, there really isn't that much left to trade. Fernando Martinez has now had surgery so even if Omar wanted to he couldn't move him. And I have no confidence in this regime's ability to identify young potential talent in any event. But Pedro Feliciano is certainly unnecessary on a team such as the Mets, and may bring a modest return. This team needs a lot of starting pitching, and if I'm planning for the future in Citi, I would think about stockpiling as many 2-3 starters as possible, in contrast to stockpiling 5-6 starters as Omar prefers. Even though this year is a lost cause, if the right deal comes along for an 1A or a 2 or 3, I say jump in with both feet and maybe the Yanks and Sawx will cancel each other out again. What else is there to do?



  • At 2:45 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    You are entirely too optimistic. I suggest that we spend the rest of the season launching ad hominem attacks on Omar and the Wilpons. We can concentrate on Jerry's lack of technical expertise in making out lineups and doing pitching changes. That will more than suffice. No need to get on him personally. Besides, Omar and the Wilpons are totally responsible for the fact that this team is going nowhere. The Angels lost Juan Rivera, Guerrero and Torii hUnter all at the same time, and went out and swept the yankees. Why? Because they had slightly better than average backups and not scrap heap rejects like Omar goed dumpster-sniffing for. J. J. Putz had elbow problems last year and the mets were aware of it, according to everything I read. The paper said today that the Mets doctor recommended surgery weeks before he actually received it. The mets "brain" trust suggested he get a cortisone shot instead. Who gives out the cortisone shots? Tony bernazard? FMart has had a slight limp for a couple of weeks. Gary Sheffield had his MRI cancelled earlier in the year? These guys don't know how to assemble a roster or to keep players healthy. They also don't know how to draft. Omar is a moron and the Wilpons have been giving us an inferior product since they broke with Doubleday. It is a second rate organization despite its payroll.

  • At 4:56 PM, Blogger john said…

    Upon further consideration of your post, I think that Omar should not be allowed to make deals of any kind. Just play with the people he has given us, replenish with the farm system he has (not)provided, follow th eplan he has never had, until the Won'tpons finally throw their hands in the air and run screaming from the sport of baseball. Let him make another deal and you might get:
    a trade for an injured reliever
    a Louis Castillo clone at premium prices
    another Tim Redding
    an Ollie, whom nobody even wanted
    Julio Lugo, perhaps?

  • At 5:04 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    That was me and I wasn't finished excoriating Omar. He should also not be permitted to draft anyone. We should just play with what he has left us. everyone says Omar has done a lot of good as well as bad. But GMs are supposed to minimize the bad. They should not be permitted a lot of bad. This team has choked three straight years and this year they are totally exposed as having no capacity to replenish their losses due to injury. Their starting pitching also sucks. The Castillo and Ollie signings alone should demand his removal. No one wanted these guys. And he paid top dollar. The lack of a No. 2, 3 and 4 starting pitcher. The demise of the entire bullpen last year due to the fact that Omar ignored them last off season. Nope, I say we stand pat till those landlords cannot stand it any more.

  • At 6:51 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    I hear ya - I'm so disgusted, it's hard to be funny, but I had read the Rubin piece before and it's right on sadly - sheds some light. And certainly your bit about MLB.COM hit home, considering my MLB.TV has been a huge ripoff this year. I have to reload 100 plus times a game and miss half of them. Keep the posts coming though, if you can - sure can use them now more than ever!

  • At 7:53 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    OK - I'll try to be funny, although this is probably true:

    You could probably sell more tickets to a Minaya court-martial right now than to a Mets game.

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Cver I think if there was Shake Shack at the Minaya court martial, the Wilpons could recoup their Madoff losses in one night.

    Jdon, I forgot about Shef canceling an MRI earlier. We knew it was going to be a rough year when Omar competed against himself to re-sign Oliver the Disaster.

    What exactly happened with F Martinez while we were distracted by bigger matters? That's what I want to know. That ends up being somewhat important, since at least we could watch the "future stars" and enjoy that a little, instead of "scrubs from the past." Now I'm left to google Doubleday and try to draft a petition begging him to buy back the Mets. This time, buy the whole thing.

    This team has gone from hope to hopeless in a short period. I don't think it's an overreaction to see no real light at the end of the tunnel.


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