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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Met Effort a Disgrace: Replaced in First Place

The Mets could not beat the 4th place Br*ves last night. The Mets had to rely on last gasp Pedro for any offense at all, and they were ultimately not able to overcome a team who probably spends their free time securing tee times, packing equipment, and planing which children they will abuse this summer.

This little excerpt from the MLB post game wrap says it all:

Only in the sixth did Martinez allow another run, on a sequence that wasn't entirely his fault. Martinez walked Jones with one out, then watched as Brian Schneider appeared to gun the Braves outfielder out on an attempted steal of second base.
"He was out," Schneider said.
He was safe, umpire Bill Hohn ruled.
Video replays seemed to agree with Schneider, but that much hardly mattered. The next batter, Josh Anderson, lined a single into right field, scoring Jones from second.
"And we all know, 3-2 is a little different than 4-2," Schneider said.

Yes, the Mets were screwed by Bill Hohn's terrible no good call. But the Mets need to be able to overcome a 2 run deficit to a fourth place team. A team without Larry Jones. A team more concerned with Sunday night's cross burning than compiling a meaningless win. You got to be able to gut out a victory when the other guys only score 3 runs off of your washed-up starter, if you want to be able to look in the mirror. You have to be able to beat a team with absolutely nothing to play for, even one that celebrates like they aren't a really lousy 4th place team of a franchise in marked decline gearing up for 5-10 years of futility. Doing the celebrating? Why, it's Mike"Shitfaced" Gonzalez, of course, after his most preposterous "Drunken Closer"routine he managed to pull off in the ninth, perhaps on a dare. But with 4 hits out of the top 6 guys in their anemic lineup, the Mets had to sit there and take it. It's really hard to be proud of this team sometimes.

Meanwhile, the Philmes were locked in battle with a team that actually still thinks it has playoff chances. In case you missed it, the Mets were screwed in Florida when well-known chUmpire and enemy C.B. Bucknor blew a call at home plate, denying the Fish a tying run in the 8th, while Florida Marlin Andino's clueless baserunning didn't help matters. This brought up IMFM whipping boy Cody "Rodeo Clown" Ross. Then CB Bucknor blew another call when Ross got hit on the hand on 2-2. CB Bucknor is a disgrace, one who clearly had an interest in the Philme's winning. He a terrible ump; the guy just has no shame about it either. Aside from getting lots of help from the officials, the Philmes are also getting reliable effective relief pitching, which it takes me, as a Met fan who doesn't encounter that very much, a few innings to realize what I'm seeing. Bucknor then got nailed in the throat in the 9th, as though the baseball gods were sending him a message.

Sunday's is a must win game, and Mouthpiece has to pick up his tired arm and blank the Br*ves, because this punchless bunch of Sally's isn't going to give him much to work with. It's a must win because I'm sick of writing about these chokers. Except Daniel Murphy and Bobby Parnell. I like writing about them.

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  • At 8:36 AM, Blogger katherine said…

    Sorry - Pedro does not get off the hook just because he hits a double and drives in two runs.

    If you are going to ALWAYS give up between 1 -4 runs in the first inning, then you have to drive in MORE runs than you give up, in order to achieve redemption.

  • At 2:25 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    no one's off the hook. The hook is crowded.
    this team is miserable.

  • At 8:25 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Disgrace does actually rhyme with Poopyface, but the real winner of that award is a Gangsta that I will never ever forgive and of whom's name I will not write again! Once you've lost Cver, you've lost the Mets.

  • At 11:44 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    cver are you breaking into my mind and reading my forthcoming posts? I think you might be.


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