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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mets Hopes for NL East might be a Dead Endy

This performance merits a video exploding head. Click to relive the 9th inning experience.

The Hall Of Pathetic Met Performances has plenty of exhibits. Well dust off that shelf and make some room because last night's game is one for the museum.

The BAD Mets resurfaced last night, and blithely turned certain victory, first place, and a W for their purported ace into Phillie-enabling defeat. Who's the goat? Reyes and his 10 cent head? Endy who had the gall to run himself lamely into outs at the plate not once but twice (a play Jerry likes to call the "Dead Endy")? The new third base guy, whasisname? J-man for pulling Santana? It's an elephant and we're all blind men. And it really doesn't matter, cause this was a game you just try to forget.

Hating your team's bullpen is like hating a relative; they won't go away and there's little you can do about it. But I really hate this bullshitpen. There isn't a single guy in there I would mind seeing replaced. It's mostly the same guys from the collapse, which is a crime in itself. Adding Matt Wise, Omar, that's what you accomplished this off season?!? With Wagner apparently unavailable, these guys didn't step up and cover for him, they shat and pissed all over the carpet like a nervous puppy. Not a cute puppy either.

Ludicrous effort from leaderless losers. Who can blame the Phillies? I wouldn't want to share first place with these bozos either.

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