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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Eaton Alive, Phillies and Ump Friends Mount Comeback

Geez, does anyone remember that Adam Eaton started this game?

Perhaps improbably, this series saw the Phillies finally reprise their "team to beat on" identity. This thought occurred to me watching the Mets' 15th or so hit, lashed to left by Easley, soar over J-Roll's head. The Mets had pummeled the Phils into submission. Pedro had avoided getting lit up for the first time in a while and everything was swell. I would point to the NOT home run as the turning point of the game--the Mets season could have gone much awry-er--but can we blame Armas, Hellman, and Billy Goat for wanting to give the Phillie fans a show for their money, let them leave the park with a little spirit? Who knows how many Philadelphia-area dogs escaped thrashings thanks to the trio's efforts?

Concerning Pedro's performance. I think it is now clear that Pedro needs a new midget. Some people treat this as a joke, but since wee buddy Nelson de la Rosa disowned Pedro and kicked the coffee can, Pedro's performance has never been the same. Just check the stats--with de la Rosa and without and ask who's laughing now? From October 2006, Pedro has won only 6 games for the Mets. Before? 206! He appeared in 13 playoff games with the midget's support and none without. I hope Omar is reading this.


Let's not forget the chUmps in this game, fucking the Mets over again---Delgado's May homerun being called back, the ump bumping of J-Manuel, and now this. I know a lot of geniuses and not one of them could tell me the logic used to come to the conclusion that the correct call should be reversed last night. MLB doesn't need instant replay, they just need to develop some competent umpires!! least J-Man learned the lessons of Willie and got himself tossed.

As for the Mets taking the series, who knew that Ryan Howard, NOT-home run and 6 or so RBIs aside, would have an impact on the series more like Ron Howard? Who knew the Phillies would have no answer to Fernando Tatis? Who knew?

It was ugly, but the Mets were able to get over .500, win another series (momma said that's all that matters), secure their hold on the season series with the Phils, give us poor fans more false hope, and maybe shut Billy Wagner up for a few days. Plus, who knows, maybe they'll get another apology letter from the MLB and its lousy umpires.


  • At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Keyser said…

    Your Mr. Met doll looks sadistic. Did you buy an "offcially licensed" version in Hong Kong?

  • At 12:46 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    No believe it or not, that is straight from the Manhattan Mets store. I knew I had to have it. As memorabilia, it is second in my heart only to my Mo Vaughn picture key chain.


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