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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jerry's Kids Get Spanked by Angels: Omar wonders "can you really not fire 25 guys?"

Two Ramon "sleepyHEAD" Castro-size helmets guard the entrance to "Angela" Stadium; I hear they are a great place to meet other white elderly baseball fans.

Excited to make history by attending the first game of the Manuel Era, how was I to know that, after sitting in an hour of constant traffic on the 5 freeway, I would arrive at a game that was essentially over in the first inning when Reyes childishly threw a tantrum and left the building after tweaking a hammy and being removed from the game? Yes, that disturbing event led to the insertion of Damion Easley at shortstop, which led to butchered play after butchered play until the Angels had an insurmountable lead (read: 2 runs). I was there folks and this was awful to watch. Any other Manuel in the National League East sits Reyes down for a game to think about showing up the manager and embarrassing the already red-faced franchise. I recommend this course of action heartily. But Manuel has already shown he is Willie-lite by already letting Reyes off the hook without a disciplining that would show this team he means business. Who is to say Oberkfell will even want to manage this mess by the end of the season?

Setting all the off the field drama aside, recall the fact is that the Mets got Johan Santana to dominate. And he has not been dominating. He may be in the near future (second half), but I have seen him just about each time he pitches and "dominance" is the wrong word to describe his performance. "Past his primey" would be a better word, if that was a word. Tonight, he was getting hit hard. Sitting behind the plate drove this home. Hard. Smack. Thwack. Swack. All over the park. It made me sick.

I could say a lot more about the putrid Met defense, and I will soon. I could also say that by the end of this game, even the Mets ball boy had to be fearing for his job. But for now, I'll let my lousy pictures do the talking.

There is nothing to do in Anaheim but at least the park isn't hard to find. Just follow the traffic.

2 or three of the 7 current Mets catchers shown here shagging during BP.

New Met shags some balls for Christ.

Joe Smith manages to keep his cool with fans around.

Angels stadium voted best view of the freeway, 35 years and counting.

My seats...not too shabby.

Not a good sign---expected Manuel to bring out line up cards, but i think this was Sadly Alomar Sr. I thought Jerry promised Sadly would not be coaching third?

Oh shit, this is the new regime. Does this guy want to win? How does Delgado not DH?????

Angels Stadium--I haven't seen this many happy white folks since they renewed M*A*S*H

One odd feature of the park: are those sniper nests?

Jose Reyes, right before he injures himself and throws a hissy fit at Manuel during the first minute of the game. No further pictures of this since my head was buried in my hands.

Mr Bungle replaces Reyes, ruins my evening.

Radar gun or Mets baseball IQ? hard to say.

Jerry Manuel's Bermuda Triangle Defense. Marlon, Tatis and Easley. $137 mil. Amazin'.

This guy is an animal. And I have to note, his back looked fine to me.

The stadium was packed. Lil Jeffy, if you're paying attention, I figured out why...

Not the smoking embers of the Mets playoff hopes. California people just like fireworks.

The whole story.

As I left the park, i couldn't help noticing Gene Autry in oddly Delgado-esque fielding position.

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  • At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Keyser said…

    I was at the game in a $3 seat last night as well. Traffic was awful. I left West LA at 4:30PM and still missed the Reyes temper tantrum.

    I paid a lot more for tonight's game. We're in Section 131, row E. Hopefully, traffic won't be as bad.

  • At 11:41 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    hey keyser--
    got back into town late monday night, too late to organize car pool, but I looked around for members of the LA mets group and saw only red shirts. We left at 3:30 which was also too late, but we got there at 5 in time for BP.

  • At 3:32 PM, Blogger katherine said…

    I am sorry if this seems argumentative, but I feel I must point out the difference between the CharlieM/JRollins incident and the Jerry M/JoseReyes incident. Jimmy was benched for a lazy lack of hustling. Jose was benched because his leg was stiff.

    Now, after Jose was told he was leaving the game, he had a childish tantrum. This created a situation in which Jerry's excellent people-managing skills led him to deal firmly but kindly with the tantrum, while sticking with his decision, and Jose apologized later to everyone. Are you suggesting that Jerry should bench him for yet another whole game to just to punish him for the tantrum?

    I find myself suddenly really appreciating Jerry Manuel - how is it I hardly ever noticed him before?

  • At 4:50 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Hi Katherine, i see your point that they are different situations, but I feel like a manager has all he can do to show these millionaires who is boss; modern managers are always in danger of losing their team's respect. So I disagree with the majority of people on this one-I think it made Jerry look bad, not like a guy who is getting any respect or who has great skills. I mean it's his first freakin' day! Not that it's Jerry's fault that Jose acted that way, but I'd bench lil' Jose bc he obviously needs to learn a lesson that he hasn't yet. If you're mad, slap your hands together or wait til you're in the clubhouse and throw a few chairs. Throwing the helmet on the field and all when your new manager is trying to assert himself--at least from my vantage point in Anaheim--was beyond the pale and is worthy of punishment. If you can't help showing up the manager, how can you have the discipline to buy into or follow the plan he (should) have for your team? I think playing Jose immediately makes Jerry look weak, besides the point that he should be cautious with Jose's legs.

  • At 1:31 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    A nice happy recap on Wednesday night, for a change. The Mets have now officially been initiated as Manuel's Gangsta's now. That sounds like it could get old pretty fast, but if that's what it takes for them to win, Gangsta's it is.


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