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Friday, May 30, 2008

Mets Keep the Change: Bad Penny Turns Up Again

The times, they are a changin'. Winning winning winning. I counted, and the Mets have now won a remarkable three games in a row.

But the revenge will only be sweet for me if it's sweep, since I had to endure the drubbing LA laid on us at Dodgers Stadium in person. The Dodgies are in the middle of a Met, er a slump. And B(r)ad Penny is the opposite of a Mets stopper, the guy is a freakin' enabler.

Mets RMLV* Claudio Vargas had a bad stretch in the 5th inning, and then in the 6th the ump started squeezing him a bit so his nibbling became obvious. I guess Willie's leaving of Vargas in to face the music in the 6th is reflective of his lack of confidence in his pen to bring the much-needed hammer down, or his interest in getting more than 80 or so pitches out of the Vargas boy. Feliciano came in with 2 down in the 6th and departed soonthereafter in a haze of inefficiency.

The Mets introduced a host of new strategies tonight: competent, game-changing defense (Brian Schneider blocking a mean plate), adding on of insurance runs when the opposition threatens, and the scoring of runs in 6 run clumps. They are playing exciting baseball now. Or they're winning. Whatever.

Since his maniacal hug of Ferdando Tatis last night, Willie looks happier and happier by the inning: removing Scott Schoeneweis never looked so fun!

How can the Mets keep trotting out Delgado and continue to roll? Mojo-wise, I'm thinking the way forward is to call up Stash, and have him don the orange jacket Jay Horwitz has been sporting to keep the evil spirits away. It might look like this:

[<span class=Josevalentin+suit.jpg]" border="0">

*Random Minor League Veteran


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