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Friday, May 23, 2008

Gary Carter, At Least, Enjoys Last Night's Mets Game

The Mets are running out of ways to lose. Of course, I said that during the September to Dismember, and time ran out before the losing did.

"I could be in New York tomorrow, if necessary, because if there's anything at the major league level I can leave this job." Carter added: "The comments that David Wright made saying that, you know, there's no spark, there's no fire - if anything I would love to bring that to the table because you know me, guys, I love the game, have a great passion for it and you know my enthusiasm."

All sorts of shit went down before the game, with Minaya paying a visit and the Kid bizarrely working on his audition tape. Minaya said nothing about the flawed construction of this team or what he plans to do about it.

But good news, because David Wright notices a change:

"Guys are starting to take it personally," he said. "Guys are getting genuinely upset that we're losing. That's a good sign. We got embarrassed in Atlanta. I saw this look that we've got to take this out on somebody, and hopefully that's the Colorado Rockies."


So, how did the Mets "take it out" on the cRockies?

The highlights: Ollie turned in another performance that will make it more surreal when Boras demands the moon at contract time...Marlon Anderson, who shouldn't really be playing so much, tweaks a hammy to join the rest of elderly on the DL...Wagner blows a save in the 9th, by grooving a first pitch fastball to a guy who spent the evening swinging at such pitches...Jose Reyes, head up his ass as usual, inexcusably gets picked off second in the 10th for THE NIGHTLY BASERUNNING BLUNDER...David Wright (1 for 6) boots another one at key 10th inning spot...South Mouth, sent out to collect the inevitable loss, is ambushed by the cRockies who go the Mets one better by running themselves out of a win...Delgado somehow makes it to 3rd in the 11th, and ...up comes all hit no field catcher Brian Schneider...who meekly strikes out...Dirty Sanchez, hitting the 90s on the gun, gets through the 11th. No one wants this game...Why is Church, who got his belfry rung, still coming into games?...Errant Hellman in the game. Poor guy, it figures Willie'd call on him to take the collar.


Besides axing Randolph, which seems only to be a matter of time, what is to be done? The team has tried right-mindedly to minimize Aaron Heilman's exposure, but there is nowhere to hide him--they were counting on him and he is a total failure. As for position players (to replace Pagan, Alou, Church, Anderson and whoever else they lose in Colorado), call up anyone that wants to play, Val Pascucci, anyone, I don't care. Someone has to let these complacent veterans they can be replaced. I know there ain't much left but there has to be more than Raul Cassanova. Church needs to be rested; this team can lose without him, it's not worth jeopardizing his health permanently. Stash may very well make it back from whatever the hell injury he had, and while he too is elderly, he may balance the team out, especially if stories about his positive influence on dopey Reyes are true. If Pedro can make it back, the Pelfry should be moved to the pen or down to AAA preferably. As for the farm, if the Mets chintz around on the draft this year, they are sending another untimely message (Jesus! Flores!) to a revolting fan base that the current management team can't handle the operation. This team may be cursed, so it won't hurt to hire an exorcist.


On a lighter note. Whose cat is this?



  • At 4:36 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    I hope the Mets hire Keith Hernandez as manager, so he can make Seinfeld the bench coach, George the pitching coach, the soup nazi the hitting coach, Elaine the 1B coach, Kramer the 3B coach and Uncle Leo the bullpen coach.

  • At 10:12 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    i think Uncle Leo should be in the dugout because it's the bench coach's job to protect the manager from getting thrown out, according to Willie. And I would love to see Leo get tossed out on a nightly basis. I say move the Soup Nazi to the bullpen.

  • At 4:08 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Well, the Mets win, which is still apparently legal in some states. Did Carter say that. Reminds me of Al Haig when he said "I'm in charge".


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