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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Randolph Throws Hat in the Ring for Orange County Flyers

In a startling development, Willie Randolph, having received a reprieve from his bosses concerning his immanent firing, turned the tables on Mets management and fans by accepting a job in the independent Golden Baseball league.

Sources say Randolph will take over the manager position of the Orange County Flyers of the independent Golden Baseball League, a post formerly occupied by Gary Carter ex-Met catcher and Hall of Fame member. This is latest development in a month long controversy surrounding Randolph's job status which has spawned managerial meetings, media firestorms, and jokey novelty columns by paid sportswriters.

Sources are pointing to Randolph's openly defiant use of his bullpen to lose a close game to the LA Dodgers last night. Randolph's last official move as Met manager was seen by many as a poke in the eye for Sterling Enterprises, the ownership group of the Mets. Seemingly defying all common sense, Randolph brought known total disaster Aaron Heilman into a tight game. A tight game was precisely the type of game that Heilman had consistently failed in, prompting discussions that he'd be traded or sent to the minors. After Randolph's insertion, Heilman displayed the form that has prompted his career to go into the shitter. It was not until Randolph announced his resignation was it apparant that Randolph was sending a message in going to the goat of the Mets bullpen, not just mismanaging. He clarified this message to our source after the game:

"I figured why wait til I get s---canned...? I think true fans will realize it wasn't just a blown call by the umps that lost that game, it was my insertion of Heilman. And why would I do such a thing? I'm not stupid.
I figured, let's get down there [to Orange County], meet my new players, and get into a nice little rhythm. Let Carter have this f--- job.
I've been hearing it for weeks, took all the blame for this crappy team, heard all the talk of replacing me-- Gary Carter, Bobby Valentine, Morgan &%$# Freeman. Well that's it. I'm out of here. The fans, media and ownership can kiss my black ass. That Yankee job will be opening up soon anyhow."



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