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Friday, July 04, 2008

In Make or Break series, Mets Break

There is only one man in the world who still has confidence that the Mets bullpen can do their job and close out games, or keep them close so the Mets mighty offense can strike like a coiled cobra. Perhaps unfortunately, that man's name is Jerry Manuel. And he manages the NY Mets. So, armed with this confidence J-Man yanked supposed all-world pitcher Johan after 95 pitches, and stuck in a very dirty Sanchez in the 9th to "try to tie." As Gary Cohen reminded us, this was the game to win if the Mets are going to win any--the Mets ace vs. some guy in a Phillie uniform. Well fortunately, baseball doesn't always work that way. But unfortunately, the Phillies are exhibiting the exact qualities the Mets lack in spades--the ability to bury their opponent when it really counts. I don't know what else to say about this game, and it is tough to type while hanging my head.


So, the Phillies clearly are the better team--not by much--but better. It's not enough that the Mets are a mediocre, poorly conceived mess and are probably going to stay that way. No, this team seems intent on embarrassing itself too, whether its horrid infield defense, unspirited play and bounteous mental errors, $140 mil worth of unclutchiness, temper tantrums and glove throwing, or allowing your prize free agent to lose 6 games in a row, that sound you hear is Mets Nation, cutting the eyeholes out of a million paper shopping bags/new headgear. And that they have come so close to taking the series against the Cardinals and winning tonight's game just makes it more devastating. I think it's safe to say this is the series of the year, barring a ridiculous and improbable second half comeback. When you wake up Tuesday, there will be no avoiding the truth about these bozos. And that's kind of sad.

Mex tells Jose to get his grown man on.

Number 17 gets his man nap on.

After [Reyes] slammed his glove to the ground, Hernandez said, "Well, he's got to get over that. Enough babying going on now. He's a grown man. He's been around a long enough time. Take off the kid gloves."

Hmm, well let's see, other than a devastating loss, what else of note has transpired in Metsland? Oh yes, that's right, the Mets greatest past position player (and noted feminist) Keith Hernandez has locked horns with the goofy but talented player who should become the Mets greatest future fielder. There really isn't much to note here that hasn't already been said. I'm on Mex's side, of course, even if he is overstepping his bounds a bit--he's Keith Fucking Hernandez! If you are told to be a man by the epitomy (for better and for worse) of Metro-masculinity, you better smile, thank him for his time, and step up to the plate. All that is left to do for Jose is to piss off Tom Seaver or fall into the papermache apple accidentally.



  • At 5:43 PM, Anonymous cvertana said…

    The sad thing is that if Reyes and these Mets could only man up, Reyes could easily go down in Mets history right beside Keithy-boy. Look, he's human and has his own unique personality. Whether it's a matter of maturing or the way he will always be, I do hope he will eventually figure out a way to vent off the field. Keith telling Reyes that he's doing his job and maybe Reyes should start doing his, was somewhere between tough fatherly love and calling the guy out. Hey, Keith and Straw went out it for real - Keith doesn't suffer fools lightly. I wonder what it would be like with Keith as manager and if somewhere deep inside him, he wonders too and if so, if it will ever eat at him enough to try it.

  • At 7:31 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Even Steven, it is as the Mets won that game tonight! It was scary when Howard hit the 3-run HR. It was scary when Maine came out with a cramp. It was scary when Church left with dizziness. It was a scary win. Let's hope that we can both win this series and keep our roster out of the hospital!

  • At 10:44 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    exactly--that win was "scary." if i didnt have my even steven theory to comfort me, i woulda been a bit spooked and felt that a loss was inevitable.


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