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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

D'Oh P IS the Mets

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METS=Making (head) Explode They're (so) Sucky

The NY Oliver Perezes

Supposedly talented. Paid like a star. Going on fumes from past successes. Could have been great. Maddeningly inconsistent. Pathetic. Unfix-able. Ladies and germs, Oliver Perez is the NY Mets. In fact, I shall from this day forth call them the NY Oliver Perezes when convenient. But seriously folks, take small comfort from the idea that Perez has punched his ticket out of town. Only a complete moron would resign this doofus.

J-Man Finds Consistency, Gangsta Style

J-Man is searching for the elusive charms of consistency. I say the pattern thus far indicates he found what he's looking for. Consistent mediocrity. Consistently scoring 0-1-2 runs in lopsided loses. At least they're not losing 2-1 lately.

Tue, Jun 17@ LA AngelsL 6-134-36Lackey (4-1)

Wed, Jun 18@ LA AngelsW 5-4 10th35-36Sanchez (3-0)

Fri, Jun 20@ ColoradoW 7-236-36Maine (7-5)

Sat, Jun 21@ ColoradoL 7-136-37Jimenez (2-7)

Sun, Jun 22@ ColoradoW 3-137-37Pelfrey (4-6)

Mon, Jun 23SeattleL 5-237-38Rowland-Smith (2-1)

Tue, Jun 24SeattleL 11-037-39Dickey (2-3)

These guys are batshit bad. Hella horrible. Disgustingly defunct. Laughingly ludicrous. But yet I watch.



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