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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Around the Horn

Last night. Almost don't want to say anything about it. It was that brutal. Let's see if it happens again. We all know how Tom usually fares in Turner Toiletbowl. It's Br*ve Vs. Br*ve. And as I write this Glavine just gave up a HR and the Mets are down 2-1 in the 2nd and the Mets defense is unravelling. I don't think Glavine can contracturally win in Atlanta. Whatever happens today, Jerry Crasnick has thrown his hat in the ring for Year's most spectacularly poorly timed puff-piece article.

The new Boys and Girls Club ad spot featuring an uncharismatic, wax-dummy-looking Arod sheds some light on why Arod is always in trouble. He is not a genuine person, and he can't act. He can't even convincingly read lines about the benefits of community centers. If you don't believe Arod is classy, watch video of his fist-pumping reaction today to hitting a walk off grand slam against the Orioles in early April.

not what's on her face presently

Good morning, and say hello to Jeanne Zelasko's new nose. I don't think that was necessary, Jeanne. You just made your face more fair and unbalanced. In other news, this poor lady is looking for a missing part of her face:

The MLB's relentless war against common sense, decency, and the American way continues as they pointlesssly kick recently widowed Red Sox icon Johnny Pesky out of the dugout in Fenway. What evil insensitivity does Bud have cooked up for us next? I resent this doubly because it forces me to agree with Fox's Kevin Kennedy.


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