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Friday, March 30, 2007

How I Measure a Baseball Website

Sport Illustrated has recently given a real boost to the Mets Blogeratti, singling out Metsblog, Mike's Mets, Faith and Fear, and Metsgeek, all available for clicking in my sidebar. (My outraged calls to my homies at ESPN for Kids went unreturned). Kudos to all those fine, well-regarded blogs. Around here, we measure sucess a little bit differently:

For instance:
Who made the best Tony LaRussa DUI arrest jokes. Who's cruelty went above and beyond the call of duty? Which poster's comments were dirtier than Kenny Rogers’ pitching hand? At the end of the day, the internets is all about finding cruelty on demand, when you need it, at the touch of a clicker.

First prize has to go to the Heckler, a blog after my own heart, for the headline:
"La Russa makes two pitching changes during DUI arrest: Cards skipper unable to strategize his way out of the jam, " and the poll which asked: "What was Tony La Russa's excuse for his DUI arrest?" If you answered, "Covering for Albert Pujols who was passed out drunk in the back seat," your mind is as tiny as mine!

Second place has to go to Can't Stop the Bleeding for its brief post, Jupiter, FL Police Harrass Brainy Animal Rights Advocate, and it's quip, "If I had to work in close proximity to Braden Looper and Scott Spiezio, I’m pretty sure I’d be totally fucked up at 4am, too."

Third place goes to itsmetsforme-wannabe-industry giant Deadspin for the post, Even Geniuses Forget to Put the Car in Park:
So, you've just won your first non-earthquake-related World Series and are on top of the baseball world. You're preparing your team for a mostly unheard of (these days) title repeat. Everyone over the age of 40 thinks you're a genius, and everyone under 40 can't figure out why you still think it's cool to wear sunglasses in the evening. You're Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa; what do you do now?

Sportsbastards gets honorable mention for the one-liner, Tony La Russa, this buds for you!


Now on to the real business of this post, which is to shil for a new blog now appearing on your blogoslane in your blogoscity in your blogoscounty in the blogosphere: My Summer Family written by Coop, an avid fan with a golden keyboard and a troubling history of Oliver Perez stalking. There is sure to be interesting stuff there so check it out now!

Actually, this season if you'd like to clear your head of the nonsense you read here, you should also be sure to drop by and sample the witty conversations going on at all times at the Metropolitans, savor the unique perspectives at Archie Bunkers Army, sites which are up and running for the new season, or check out some of my new (new to me) favorites like Ed's Blue, Orange and Green Cafe or Toasty Joes. Here it comes!

Baseball Fever: Come down with it!!



  • At 4:51 PM, Blogger Coop said…

    Tony LaRAsshat. I love it. You are way better at the nickname thing than I am. Thanks for the plug :D

  • At 6:29 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    hey at least i can get people to commment if i change the name of the blog to their name! i guess that's something.
    ItsPaulinaPorzikova for me!


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