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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome to NY!

Wow, what a shitty day for the Mets. Best wishes to Duaner Sanchez for a speedy recovery. And memo to Sterling enterprises: No more cabs, ok?

Meanwhile new Mets Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez got quite a welcome to NY. Apparently Mets management let it slip that they were looking to package Perez and ship him off while Omar's cell phone was still hot from the previous trade. And check out this video, off of SNY courtesy of a Metsblog poster. Notice the Berto montage playing in the background? Notice what's happening to Berto?

Well the deadline has come and gone, so we can get down to business. Phew.

And for all you Clemens-hating masochists out there, you gotta read this absurd Jayson Stark article.

The premise is that this headhunting mercenary 'roid freak "deserves" to get his mercenary-ass one more favor from the poor Astros club that has caved to his selfish demands time after time, demands which most likely have few equals in baseball history. It's articles like this (which could easily have been written by the player's publicist) which make me wonder about sportswritng as a craft...doesn't anyone here know what the truth is anymore? Objectivity?

To give you a taste:
"Given Clemens' affection for his hometown, his teammates and even his owner, he would never broach that subject himself. He would never ask to bail out. It isn't what he's about. "
All Drayton McLane had to do to change it was simply feel the urge to do the right thing -- for a pitcher who has always done the right thing for him."

What a cowardly piece of player propaganda. Besides that, I can't believe Boston would want him at his current price. It's no exaggeration to say: ESPN is garbage. Happy Mouth-Vomitting!


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