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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Everyone Hates Alex

WHY does everyone hate Alex Rodrigez? Tyler Kepner tries to get to the bottom of this question in today's New York Times. While it misses the fact that the jackass took a curtain call in a blowout game, the article, carefully read, brings out most of the reasons A-rod is quickly turning into a stigmatized player. Money can't buy class, and who wants to buy a number 13 jersey anyway?

Now I don't ordinarily bash the Yankmes--I'm a Br*ves hater first and foremost--hell, some of my best friends are Yankees fans (ok that's not true, only one of them is). But this "story" bears some commenting.

My main points:
1) I am too lazy to look up exactly when, but I saw it with my own eyes: in the 5th inning after ringing Heath's Bell, Alex Rodrigez took a fucking curtain call in a 13-5 game! *What a dick! And NO one commented, not a single "article" I've seen in the NY "media" has raised this issue. Who cares if he showed up Ole Soler? He celebrated because I guess he thought this NON CLUTCH homerun would get the Yankees fans who boo him for NOT BEING CLUTCH off his back.
2) Lo Duca should have set up his mit behind Slappy's ass after he hit the first homerun. That's traditional baseball, and there IS a time and a place for retribution. The time: when a arrogant Yankee acts arrogantly. The place: said Yankee's ribs or ass.
3) Sidenote: If you read the article, you see that Giambi got involved in the jawing. Jason "ROIDFREAK" Giambi should keep his big, juiced mouth shut. None of his achievements will count in the record books. In fact, his stupid brother's a more legitimate player (unless he was on the sauce too, I guess). Giambi is a disgrace who the Yankme's would've gladly waived at one point to get away from this obvious drug user. He should keep a low respectful profile after the way he has defiled the game until he retires because he is too distracted by his bulging veins.

I am no long-time A-rod hater, or anything. I never thought about it much, even during the discussion surrounding his signing that ludicrous contract with the shitty Texas Rangers, cause, of course, that was the best route to winning, which is of course his main goal. It was greed pure and simple, but didn't phase me much. The Slappy Mc-Pay-Rod Incident. That's when I first noticed that A-Rod was a dick. Before that, everytime I thought of A-Rod, I thought about how much I hate Steve Phillips or Wilpon or some such thing. After seeing the replays of the Red Sox incident, well, everyone in the country raised an eyebrow and thought, "hey, maybe this guy is a dick."

Read the article. A-Rod stands for Arrogance: Trot Nixon mocked him for talking about his workouts. Even Curt "Big Mouth Bloody Sox" Shilling lashed out at him. But A-Rod points to his all-star game election as proof that people really like him. So that's another reason to dislike him: he cares that anyone doesn't like him, and he points to lame reasons he thinks people like him. He sounds arrogant.

So why, in the final analysis, does everyone hate A-rod?** It's similar to the reason why people hate the Yankers. In a nutshell: sure there are a lot of big payroll teams out there, the Mets included, but the Yankees take it just one step further, one step too far, so that it is offensive. Sure, there are a lot of spoiled millionaires in professional sports, but Pay-Rod takes it one step further, so it's offensive.

Anyhow, the Yankees might have kicked the shit out of our slumping, injury depleted team, but should they really be shooting off their mouths? That's a lot of gruff from a Yankees team now 4 games back, a Yankees team that most likely will not be visiting playoff land this year, unless God is angry with Trot Nixon and the Red Sox team plane goes down.

*i can correct this to reflect the facts of the matter; but why let facts stand in the way of a good rant?
**or will soon hate
Anna Benson FUN quote of the day:
(Q:were you a stripper?)
A. Yes. After divorcing my ex-husband, I was a single mom who had no education. So, instead of sitting on my fat ass and collecting welfare, I decided to lie in the bed that I had made for myself and do whatever it took to take care of myself and my child. It is not something that I like to brag about, but it is definitely something that I am proud of.


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