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Monday, July 03, 2006

What a lovely little break from the routine of baseball this week was, eh?

"oh no, not in the nuts, AL East, not in the nuts!"

Gosh what a slow week it's been, what with no baseball or nothing. Yep, I don't know why, but the Mets schedule had a big hole in it after the series in Toronto. I'm sure rarin' to go play them Pirates, after a week or so of reading and basic cable. Got my teeth cleaned. Voted 100 million times for the All-Star game. Kinda strange the MLB didn't schedule any games this week for one of the teams in one of the country's largest metropolitan area, but oh well, bring on them Pirates!

Dead-to-me List (Mets who should not show up at my birthday party):
1) Heath "AAAA" Bell. you *&^)?? suck.
2) "Ole" Soler. the Yankees games are important to us, nitwit
3) A. Heilman. get your whiney ass in the rotation for a week, but mess up this time and, pow, right in the bullpen, NEVER to be heard from again
4) Nady. I don't care if your wrist is broken clean off, catch the muthafreakin ball. You are not clutch and clutch is everything and not clutch is...nothing.

Right now, I feel like Rickey Henderson's shirt looks. Speaking of Rickey, does anyone for a minute believe that this is a direct quote?

(Talking about Reyes) "He's got a ton of ability, but I've told him to try not to do too much," said Henderson, who set the record for most career walks (2,190) before Barry Bonds broke it last year. "He's got to become more confident to hit with two strikes and to learn how to simply put the ball in play. He's a free swinger, so sometimes it's tough to accept just putting the ball in play to get on instead of getting a good swing on it. But, if he learns to do that, he'll create more chances to get more steals."

C'mon, that's the most English I've ever heard come out of Rickey Henderson's mouth. More suspicious is that Rickey is talking about someone else, without overt reference to himself, which may be a first.

Rickey continued: "I do declare, if this isn't the loveliest capstone to my career, being able to further this young buck's career by showing him the tricks of the trade, if you will. While I would greatly prefer to find myself on a major league roster, properly remunerated, of course, I must give a hearty shout out to the baseball gods for letting this humble ball player speak with the next generation about the game I love,as well as helping out the team that I love, the, uh, New York, uh (checks hat) Mets."

Fun Anna Benson quote of the Day: "I mean, did these kids’ moms not have breasts?”


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