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Friday, April 28, 2006

Salute to KazMat and other bullshit

Support Kaz Matsui now and perhaps you will never have to see him naked

"You know what i wanna see? I wanna see you naked big guy!"

Cmon, you know you want to do it. Take the opportunity now, after the Mets eked out a win over the greatsatan right in his lair, (AND you got to see Andruw Jwones hit with a Billy Wagner slider), while you're all hopped up on hope. Give it up for my man Kaz Matsui!! Dude's batting .345 and is so far making, gasp, a solid contribution to the club's sucess in the 7 games or so he's been around. And he br*vely helped David Wright out today on his shitty throw. Cheer him heartily, tonight before toothless Tomahawk Glavine brings us all back down to earth tomorrow.

Plus it seems as though KAZMAT's the only Japanese member of the Met family not to disgrace us this week. Yusaku Iriki (#1 this year!) joined a nice stable of Met, ex-Met and nearly ex-Met scrubs and farmhand pitchers such as Jorge Reyes, Grant Roberts, and Felix Heredia testing positive for something or another. Well at least that lessens the possibility of hearing "Hey You-suck-o, You Suck!" at Shea stadium this year. And of course there's he of the orange wristbands, corkscrew swingandamiss, pout-when-he-got-traded to the Giants, retiring to beefcake land. Well there's not much to add about that. But i did hear that Masato Yoshi and Kaz Ishii have been rumored to be starting a death metal band.

I guess our Japanese buddies partially bought into the Wilpon credo: "'Roids, Sexual Deviance and Hammy Injuries"
Once twice three times a Nady

Ahh according to Newsday:
"When general manager Omar Minaya shipped Cameron to San Diego, he had more on his mind than Nady. Minaya was clearing payroll space for a potential Delgado trade, and whatever he could get from Nady would be a bonus. Not that the GM said that at the time while the deal was being ripped on talk radio. Minaya's moves aren't looking so bad right now in retrospect."We just thought he needed an opportunity to play," Minaya said. "If we don't trade Cameron, we don't get Delgado, so we thought we had to go for a young, up-and-coming guy that could give us numbers close to Cameron at a much lower rate. We're very happy how it turned out." "

I don't care if Nady makes me eat my words, and I hope that Nady can hit .280 with 20-30 hrs this season and field adequately. But Omar is so full of shit here--he was gonna be on target for a similar payroll as last year anyway with Kameron's 7 million or not. And then he literally gave away at least a million in guaranteed contracts for reasons that will puzzle historians for generations. The trade was still ill-advised and poorly timed.
Don't forget to Hate the Br*ves!!


  • At 1:52 PM, Blogger Andrew Fiorentino said…

    Kaz Matsui leads the Mets in batting average; Anderson Hernandez leads the Mets in "What the fuck? They don't throw 90 miles an hour in the minors."

    P.S.: I return!


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