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Monday, April 17, 2006

Around my horn

Mets beat Br*ves. Open 5 game lead. Best record in majors. Make History in several ways. Pedro reaches milestone. Pen holds up. I still hate Andruw Jwones. Yawn, this winning stuff will take some getting used to.

And we thought Anna Benson was an embarassment.

There really are a shitload of Mets-related blogs and sites. It seems like this blog fad has crazed metsfans everywhere sharing their opinions left and right. Everyone wants to share. If this doesn't stop, how will any of us get anyone other than our moms' to read our witty thoughts? It's like the use of antibiotics, if everyone uses one gets better!!

We must already lead the league in blogs. There are geeks and prophets deserving of your attention. There are Metsfans in Oklahoma, Michigan, Texas, and an entire Army in the U.K.
Of course one needs to check out the Society, the Metropolitians, and Faith and Fear nearly every damn day. And then the timeless B.N.G.C.S.A.P.H. , Always Amazin', and especially Metsblog eat up hours of productive time. You could spend time with your family. Or you could take the 7 Train to Metsville and then a cab to Amazin' Avenue . There's Happy Recaps, and a guy named Mike. There's the defunct website with the name that everyone wishes they got first, and not one, but two(!) enjoyable combination Sox-Mets blogs, Agony and Misery! If amusing attempts to make a new word out of "Mets" is your thing, try out Metsquire, Metscentric, orMetsmerized. You can view the Mets mostly, by the numbers, or by the walkoffs. And then there's the player blogs. David Wright has gotten into the business. Even Jose Valentin has his own blog!!

What I hadn't noticed is how many of these blogs are actually pretty funny. No wonder I can't buy a comment (though see item below)--too much competition. But no one is quite as irreverently irrelevant (TM) as me!! As for the newbies, Hotfoot has some nice pictures of Mex and other vintage shots. Wright and Wrong has a great little caption contest. The promising Mets are Better than Sex investigates this thesis from an interesting angle, and plenty of "thumbs-up" pictures of the management. Then there's this clown. There are more blogs devoted to the Mets than to world peace or tampons. Is that a good thing?

*****ITEM************ IMFM exclusive!!*********************************

People are talking about Jorge Julio. We even hear talk of wanting Anna Benson and her wet paperbag on-again-off-again husband back. Well, now it can be told: the true story of why Kris Benson was traded. It was the Christmas Party, and Anna showed a little too much skin for sure, but it wasn't what you've been told by the "media."
The picture circulated to the media looked something like this:

But according to my sources, the real story was that the photo was doctored. Anna had let herself go a bit after some recent surgery, and showed up for the gig with a three-sheets-to-the wind Don Zimmer. And were they ever plastered. It got ugly quickly. My sources who took this blurry picture with a cellphone, say THIS is what transpired:

Of course, then it got really ugly when this fist-pumping pansy showed his goofy face. Let's just say Anna doesn't care for metrosexuals.

I am normally against violence in sports, but isn't it time someone (Uncle Petey, I'm takin to you) in orange and blue plunk this smug smirking assclown?

do it for the children.


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