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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Team Song: The Lost Verses

The New York Mets today announced the creation of a new fan celebration song, “Our Team. Our Time,” which will play at Mets games during the 2006 season at Shea Stadium. Besides the fact that it makes our infield sound like the Cripps:

David Wright Jose REYes making sure you're not safe; Just in case Carlos Delgado, he's at first base (I guess "and he'll hit you with a lead pipe in the kneecaps if you don't pay up" didn't rhyme?)

...and the fact that the best thing they could say about Carlos Beltran is that he's playing the outfield (side note: the $119 million man was only good enough to be mentioned 7th out of the 7 players mentioned), I was fascinated. "What a terrific song," I thought, "but why so short?" Well, I called up Sterling marketing and they faxed me some more verses, left out for brevity, which I share with you below.

New York Mets, Our Team, Our Time!

Pedro Martinez will throw at your head
when Victor Zambrano starts, you'll wish you were dead

Toothless Tom Glavine, wishes he was a Br*ve
Julio Franco has one foot in the grave

New York Mets, Our Team, Our Time!

Steve Traschell will bore you to tears
pudgy Victor Diaz only has a first gear!

Carlos Beltran will always lay down the bunt
watch Kaz Matsui suck it up, sounds like some fun

New York Mets, Our Team, Our Time!

Come watch Willy Randolph make a double switch
after so many years of being Torre's bitch

A new stadium is coming, Skillset's plans look so nice
and you'll see it on TV when you can't pay the price!

New York Mets, Our Team, Our Time!


  • At 8:47 PM, Blogger Mad Mr. Met said…

    Nice lyrics. You just need the one about how Zambrano will give up 2 homeruns to Andruw Jones and ur all set.


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