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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Even a broken clock is right two times a day?

How does one know when it's Limatime? What sort of hellspawn clock tells you to give this guy another shot? This season, Jose Lima has went (in spring training) from "the clown that we hope doesn't make the team but if he did at least he'd be entertaining and, hey, maybe just maybe he's got some magic left" to "the clown that Omar must be smoking crack if he thinks we wouldn't rather see Ishii and Estes team- pitch a spot start than watch Lima's career wash up on the beach in front of our eyes--in fact we'd rather watch the ESPYs from the front row siting with John Rocker and his family."

Is there anything left in Lima's bag of tricks, anything more unforgivable than what he did today? Short of doing a Jimi Hendrix with lighter fluid on Mex's number 17 jersey right there on Shea's mound, probably not, and there is no sense in piling on the guy now. Everyone knew this game was a no-contest. But all you GM jrs. out there, you think D-Train's gonna wanna come to NY when he can stay in Florida and hit GRAND-?&%$!? SLAMS of Mets' pitching while he's waiting for the Marlin's quadrennial WS run instead?

Yet the question remains, just how did Lima secure another start in the first place? It's so puzzling, and no one in the Mets universe can seem to figure it out. This team does have a thing for formerly sucessful Astros. But why oh why? Global Warming? Oil Can Boyd's number erased from Omar's cell accidentally? It's upsetting, unless in these heady days of success, growing bandwagon fever, and 12+game leads over the Br*ves, you are a fan who kind of misses the "old Mets" and their charming managerial incompetence.

Anyway, although you can never say never, this experiment seems about done. Lima lost to the Br*ves, Brewers, Cardinals, and Florida, and beat no one but the Mets bullpen, pitching a bit more than 17 innings in 4 games, giving up 25 hits, 19 runs, and probably not earning the cash he will need to get his wife that emergency breast reduction surgery she might need. If you're pulling for Lima, who is a great singer, snappy dresser, a charitable guy off the field, and an amusing character afterall, you have to wonder why the Mets would cruelly expose this guy for the retiree he is.

In any event, I need to get some sleep, get ready for what I hope is a fantastic day with Pelfrey and Owens hopefully pitching lights out so we can reset our collective clocks.


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