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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally a team for Metsfans to pity: Dodgers offer optimistic contrast with Mets

The Dodgers have lost Joe Torre (as well as their stars, ownership, fans, playoff chances), and are now handing the former second best NY first baseman of the 80s, Donnie "Baseball" Mattingly.
Assuming the Mets don't get saddled with the corpse that specializes in pitching changes, employing Don Zimmer, and figure-heading expensive teams, we can enjoy a moment of schadenfreude. Here's an early indication of how it might go:
Mattingly, 49, managed the Dodgers in one spring training game this year while Torre was in Taiwan with some of the team on an exhibition tour, and it didn't turn out well: The Dodgers were penalized for batting out of order because the lineup card that had been posted in the clubhouse didn't match the one given to the umpires.
That was followed by a game-changing blunder in July when Mattingly was filling in for Torre, who had been ejected from a game against the San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers led in that game, 5-4, with one out in the ninth inning, the bases loaded, and All-Star closer Jonathan Broxton on the mound.
Mattingly visited the mound to set the Dodgers' defense, then, as he stepped off the mound, turned and stepped back onto the dirt as he fielded a final question from first baseman James Loney.
That move — stepping back onto the mound after he had stepped off — constituted a second trip and umpires ordered Broxton removed from the game. The Giants then continued their rally, winning, 7-5.
It seems that Jerry Manuel could land on his feet... as a bench coach here in La la land.

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  • At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Kate said…

    I'm sorry, the Dodger woes are not sufficiently distracting or amusing to me, maybe because they are so far away. Thanks though!
    If only we could convince Gary Cohen to stop being a Jets fan, I'd like him in the dugout. (that's all it would take, right?)
    "The corpse that specializes in pitching changes, employing Don Zimmer, and figure-heading expensive teams".... that's a keeper! hahahahaaaa. My son will absolutely love that one, he's been getting the goosebumps from that guy for years.

  • At 2:26 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    Did Bazooka Joe put his foot in his mouth instead of his bubble gum or was he just set up by the press?

  • At 5:15 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    mattibgly is a bit of a doof. No question he possessed scads of baseball talent. can you imagine what his press conferences would have been like if he had edged out Girardi?

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