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Saturday, August 07, 2010

11368 is a Joke--Wilpon To Metsfans: Minaya is like Global Warming, Get Used to It
The Mets 2007-2011 and beyond. No I do not know what the guy on the left is doing.

Last night's loss against the Phillies is another unremarkable one, other than it occured to me that this team has cemented it's status as the Washington Generals of baseball, with any and every team standing in for the Globetrotters.  The Mets are "pantsed" by teams great and small and they don't seem to know the joke is on them.  A risible ruin. A pathetic punchline. A Jerrible joke. Sure, we can argue over the precise moment the Mets crossed the (Adam) Rubicon to become the laughingstocks of the MLB, like when they extended their hapless GM in the middle of an epic collapse or mishanded every single injury that befell their star players in comical fashion, or...on and on. But they are there. The Mets are the Generals, only they just make children cry.


The sun will come up tomorrow is usually a hopeful thing to say, Fred

If the tabloids are to be trusted, Chief Dumbass Fred Wilpon has casually let it slip that we can expect Omar Minaya's tenure as Mets GM to continue for the foreseeable future, as we would expect the sun to come up in the morning.  I think this is probably the biggest news of the past few seasons. And it is bad news, almost too bad to verbalize or come up with witty things to say. It's a disaster.  I often hyperbolize for comic effect here, but I can't really exaggerate how terrible this is.  After his cavalier endorsement of his bumbling GM, Fred wasn't done.
To further infuriate his fan base, Wilpon also gave a thumbs up on the job performance by his son, team COO Jeff Wilpon. As Fred Wilpon ducked into a chauffeured automobile he was asked about the job Jeff is doing,
“Excellent,” Fred Wilpon said. “Everybody knows that.”
There are various ways to interpret these off the cuff comments as reported in tabloid outlets looking for stories, but I think the main take-away is that the Wilpons continue to be tone-deaf. That and the franchise is looking at 1-3 years more mediocrity at best.  I think the Wilpons will start to feel this in their pockets, whether or not the Madoff affair has affected their baseball thinking. Because if you take away hope, all you have is a terrible team, and no one wants to watch the careers of the couple of marginal stars the Mets have managed to develop being squandered in a morass of despair.  It makes me wonder very seriously if the Dodgers aren't going to go on sale soon after the McCourt's divorce winds its way through court. That might be the only way out of this.

Different segments of the fan community deal with the disaster that is 2010 in their own special ways, with their own particular rituals.  The irate radio caller community gets it's yayas out by denouncing the team's core players and their lackluster ways.  The sabermetric community consoles themselves by realizing they knew it all along, rejoicing in their special relationship with both randomness and objectivity. The young of heart imagine trades and other maneuvers that could bring the magic, nurture the hope that roster construction tweaks could solve all the current Met regime's problems. New fans, well I doubt this club has any recent converts.  Me? I just smurf the web, looking (to no avail) for obscene pictures of Little Orphan Annie to use in this post.

Impeach Pedro?

Sometimes athletes need to just say "no comment."  If this article is to be believed, Pedro Martinez thinks the Mets should have him in their rotation to babysite the likes of LOLiver Perez and Pelfrey. This sentiment is so unrealistic, so ex-ballplayer fantasy, it would be funny. Except for Pedro is also bitter at the Mets for failing to resign him. Pedro, just sit there and count all the money you took from the Mets while you rehabbed for most of your contract.  Sit there and keep quiet.  C'mon Petey, use your coconut!

If rumors have any basis in reality, some more insult will likely be added to our injury presently.  I dunno which Mariner F-Mart would be worth trading for, but I feel it is a dead certainty I won't like it.  Omar must be aiming for something like the old WWF wrestling trick of enraging the braindead fanbase by having characters come out dressed as Sheiks, minorities and whatever other stereotypes  enrage an audience white and other trash. Point being, it's not logical, Omar just wants to get a rise out of us, because he knows he can't be fired and that the Wilpon's no longer believe in accountability.  So get ready to have a folding chair smashed over your head and watch young, cheap potential be traded for old, expensive spare parts and a story.

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  • At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Kate said…

    "Because if you take away hope, all you have is a terrible team, and no one wants to watch the careers of the couple of marginal stars the Mets have managed to develop being squandered in a morass of despair."

    Well that about sums it up.

    Holy crap, are you serious??? If they trade away FMart to bring somebody else into our Assisted Living I'll .... oh who am I kidding.


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