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Friday, June 12, 2009

Phils Reign, Maine in Pain

The Mets just aren't into you. If you are a fan that expects the Mets to place in the race for the 2009 post season, that is.

Wait til we have all our guys back, you say? If you think the Philmes just beat up on a decimated Mets club and the Mets were lucky to have a lead at any time, remember that they too just lost huge parts of their club, their closer and that wife-beating pitcher. Think also of how the Mets squandered both games they lost when their bullpen--this team's strength--let the Phils easily back in each case (aided by atrocious defense). The Phils beat the Mets as they are and as they will be--Delgado is 300 years old, and Reyes long ago ceased to be a game changer (unless you count his blunders)--you can't count on either to have turned the tide. Perhaps an effective Putz could have changed things, but I am increasingly wondering whether we ever had a top shelf Putz since he was an injured Mariner and he became an injured Met. Plus, in many ways, this Mets team is better since their frontline position playing guys went down. Now that the rotation is starting to disintegrate, we may be in for a long summer, which of course was part of any prediction that warned Omar not to rely on the pitchers you have when 2/5 of them had off-season surgery, 1/5 are named Oliver Perez, and 1/5 are members of the Hernandez family. Oh and don't remind me of the passion with which I advocated for another big bat for this anemic lineup--Wright and Beltran are hitting wildly over their heads and the Mets offense hasn't been able to score enough runs. Our best, my friends, is not good enough, as it wasn't in 2007 and 2008. The regular season 2006 Mets are not walking through that door anytime soon.
The Mets training staff goes over JJ Putz' medical history before ok-ing the trade.

It's June 12, and Ken Rosenthal has started the Jerry Manuel watch list at Faux Sports. Rosenthal thinks that Jerry's habit of throwing his kidz under the bus is a long term liability for the Gagsta's job security. But none of the examples are that compelling, and some of them don't really qualify for "throwing under bus" status. Removing HEAD for Santos might have been embarrassing for HEAD, but he was a backup catcher and Jerry never said he had no faith in Castro, though it was apparent. I highly doubt Sterling Inc. is going to look at what Omar gave Jerry in terms of a roster and find fault with Jerry after the Mets month of May. The one thing Jerry has done right is to stop coddling these listless underachievers. Perhaps now that most of those underachievers by injury have been replaced with overachievers, Jerry should back off his motivational disses, if that is what he is doing. But generally, I support Jerry when he calls these bozos out; until they show the fortitude to get through a September without making history (in the worst of ways), these grown men can take a little static from their manager. Now the bunting is another story.

Anyhow, on to the Yankers.


  • At 11:18 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    Jerry relies on lefty lefty too much. He had 10x better pitchers in the pen and on the mound and he still brought Mr. Moto in. Again I ask: what is Mr. Koo doing on this club? Jerry's answers at the press conference are as logical as Dr.Timothy Leary's would be at a Hollywood pool party.
    Leaving Sheffield to end innings the whole series between Beltran and Wright was plain stupid after watching Sheff the last two weeks. I do not think Jerry is in any danger. But he is getting dumber. My main objective is getting Omar fired. Unfortunately, he has something on the Wilpons. That much is clear to me now. Not to sound like a snob or anything, but if I had a multi-million dollar corparation--hundreds of millions, to be exact----I would not want it to be run by someone who sounds like he never graduated high school. As a matter of fact, a lot of his "plans" indicate that he probably never did graduate high school.

  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger Jaap said…

    You have to wonder what it is that these Mets do to demonstrate they are a well-coached or well-managed team. Come from behind and win games they look certain to lose? No. Catch baseballs with two hands and avoid dropping them in humiliating losses? Nope. Run bases intelligently instead of just running every time there is a base ahead of you, even if you don't have a prayer on making it safely? Nyet. Score runs when a player selected off the bench to pinch hit or replace another player in the late innings? Why gosh, no.
    These Mets are high comedy and Jerry Manuel is one of the greatest comedians this side of Omar Minaya. You've got to admire them for their side-splitting talents. The new Laurel and Hardys of baseball.

  • At 10:55 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    guys its tough being counted on to write words about this team. words are not appropriate.


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