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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mets Phail To Take Phils Out, Despite Pelf Help

Philme's mascot barely escaping angry mob of Phanatics who want to beat him to celebrate their World Series victory.

Some folks are willing to chalk up last night's loss to bad luck, but I'm a bit steamed that the Mets superstars are the one's who couldn't make the plays when they needed to. Beltran, eyes closed shut, dropped a catchable ball when "fence-fear" seemed to grip him at the last second. Davy-boy then misplayed a weak ground ball. It was the star Mets, not the replaceMets, that blew Mike Pelfrey's chance at a well-deserved win. Result: the Mets took a hit in the win-loss column, when they could have easily won the first two games of this series.

Jerry's Kidz left their normal 150 men on base last night. That might have contributed to the loss too, I suppose. Meanwhile, Bobby V's team is having no such problem.

The Philme's, supposed winners of the near-forfeited World Series last year, somehow still have little guy syndrome, and can be seen wildly gesticulating in the dugout, shh-ing, and then bitching to the media about the Mets.

If they're going to lose, I prefer that the Mets get their shots in. Big Pelf telling little Utley to get his contemplative ass back in the batter's box . Maybe it's just macho daydreaming, but losing to this stupid team makes me want to see a brawl between the Mets and Philadelphia--by the time Ryan Howard gets his fat ass out on the field the punches would long have been thrown. I wouldn't mind seeing Chase get a little blood on his varsity jacket and have to suck his caviar through a straw for a couple of weeks. Anyhow, I can't be upset that Johan is spending quality time with Pelf, pushing him to get better and I guess, tougher.


If you're curious, here is a run-down of the Mets' draftees this week.


Jeff Pearlman, who has penned many an influential piece about the Mets, is advocating for gay baseball players to come out of the dugout, er, closet. (link stolen from CSTB)

Mex contemplates his next public remarks, while potential trainer, noting Keith's distraction, considers making a run for the dugout.

Mets Today caught an interesting interview with Mex where he sort of says that the Mets Latin players were a key reason for Willie's demise. Keith always speaks the truth as he sees it, so its a plausible story, if potentially divisive. Interesting to see if this too blows up in Keith's well appointed face.

This photo sickens me to this day. It continues to speak volumes about the Wilpon's misplaced priorities.

Now even Hank Aaron is telling Agent Gl*vine to shut up. For a guy who got all the credit in the world for being classy from the NY media, Toothless Tom has never been particularly gracious. The Br*ves only mistake was signing this has-been to a contract again, after he spurned their offer to go be a blight on the Mets rotation for a few years. Come on Tom, you can't throw anymore--and this was apparent 3 yrs ago--give it up.


In what can't be a good omen, the Mets are delaying John Maine's start against the Yankme's this weekend.



  • At 1:10 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    You are oozing blogs, and I like it. Mets suck. It is almost as if the team collectively stopped during the top of the 7th and asked itself: "Now how can we lose this thing?" The answers came quickly. Perennial failures Beltran and Wright, as well as potential megafailure Sean Green (I know he wasn't terrible. He just doesn't belong in the majors. When you come in bases loaded and no out, you just CAN'T give up a hit to batter number one), all offered their solutions. But the signs were there earlier in the contest. Under the heading of dismal offense, we have, once again, Antonio "Razor" Shines playing Texas Hold-em at the third base bag throughout the first two games, doing all he can to insure that the Mets do not score enough runs to compete with the lumber- crazy Phils. And of course, Pelfrey, pitching lights out, suddenly has a mini-nervous breakdown on the mound. Is he O.D.'ing on cortisone, like James Mason in "Bigger Than Life?" What is going on with that? It is a tad unsettling. Squeaky had to go to the mound and tell him to calm down. Now there is an odd sight. Mr. Falsetto telling someone else to act like a man. And Jerry bunting Tatis so they could walk Church and pitch to Santos AND Pelfrey: how is that for foresight? Jerry is just dumb.

  • At 12:39 AM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Mr Falsetto!

  • At 4:40 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    I have only one question: if the Mets do not have a better pitcher in their entire organization that Mr. Koo--I mean-Ken Takahashi, then Omar should be fired immediately. Would it not have been better to allow Parnell to try to redeem himself than to bring in a guy whose shoe-lace-high fastball can be taken 400 feet over the wall? And if the Mets recall Nelson Figueroa one more time, then it should be Refund Time for all ticket holders. Sorry to pick on David, who should have swung at a better pitch at 2-0 late in the game, but I am tired of hearing his weepy girl voice after games. You hear him being interviewed and you almost feel comfortable with the idea of these losers losing.


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