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Saturday, May 23, 2009

ReplaceMets Put it All Together

Good things, for a change:
Shef went yard
Jerry and his bunters pulled off a perfect small ball inning
Johan harnessed his anger and handcuffed the Sawx
Parnell delighted us with his gas

It was JerryBall at its finest last night. Multiple errors, multiple injuries, and decent to excellent pitching, all presented by a cast of David Wright and his AAA friends. Both Beltran and Church added themselves to the "kinda injured" section of the Mets enormous injury list. Putz and his neck joined the "unavailable" section. Ramon Martinez and continued their reign's of error committing unforgivable fielding and baserunning blunders at a frightening pace. Some fans are indicting Razor Shines for waving Murphy into his suicidal attempt to take third base but Murphy's Law says that Daniel Murphy must commit a baseball groaner on a daily basis. The Mets would have no chance at victory if it wasn't for Johan Santana's mastery of the Sawx line-up. Even with a weakened, post-PED Big Pappi in their line-up flailing away, the Red Sox still represent one of the finest clubs in the big leagues, so it was an encouraging, even deserved win. It's probably too much to ask for a series win, but Pelf will take on Beckett tonight and give it a try.



  • At 5:21 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    Is there a place you go to find stupid third base coaches? There must be, and we surely know where it is. I think the last good one we had was Bobby V. Now I know they are in the spotlight when they send a guy and he gets nailed. Point is, you should never send a guy unless you are sure he will be safe, David Wright is throwing from the outfield, or Ramon Matinez is on deck. All 3B coaches should always be forced to memorizze and recite the lineup before each game. that is what I find most agonizing--the guy out by 10 feet with Beltran srtanding there giving him the slide signal. Since I am on any omar bashing mission today I blame him. He gives the approval for these coaches in just the same way as he resigns Nelson Figueroa every two weeks.


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