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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Off Day Blather: Dodger Blues

They say it's easy to blog. But we bloggers face challenges other than the dampness and mildew of our moms' basements. You think it's easy to be an astronaut whose rocket is grounded? A land-locked pirate? Try blogging about a team when it doesn't do much of anything.

Try blogging about this uninspired bunch, whose failures normally alternate between epochal and mysterious, when they just lose in a merely pedestrian manner. What am I supposed to write about? The Mets are losing because the AAA guys are already called up to assume their permanent positions. They're losing because this line-up should lose. Tonight they lost when one of their prize bullpen acquisitions gave it up late. All three games of this Dodger sweep were winnable but whatever get up and go the Mets had against the Giants had got up and went by the time the team flight landed in LA.

Jeff Weaver?

The Mets thought what better way to cap Monday's catastrophe but with two middling, totally run of the mill loses. After Monday night, I guess we should be thankful. The Mets finally hid Murphy behind first base and got through a game without error.

Jeff Weaver?

As I brilliantly predicted during the offseason, Delgado is del-done-oh, and its not the pitching that's losing the games. Beltran and Wright, who remain hot, need a play pal even when they are hitting in the high 300s and getting on base often and late in games. Some one like Adam Dunne, Manny Ramirez or gasp Raul Ibanez. O fer 10 with runners in scoring position last night. Nary a home run since Wednesday. I just don't see how they'll get it done. If they had remade the offense as I suggested this winter, everything would be hunky dory, peace would reign on earth, and kids would eat their lima beans without complaint.

Jeff Weaver?

I wrote the other day that Jose Reyes' condition was worrying me. Then he magically appeared back in the lineup. Before I could correct myself, he is injured again. As hard as it is to watch Ramon Martinez play, the Mets ought to keep Reyes out until he is completely healed. Martinez is adding absolutely nothing at short.

We should send our thoughts out to Scott Schoeneweis, now with the D-Backs, whose wife died of yet unknown causes yesterday. The guy just can not catch a break.



  • At 10:16 AM, Blogger Jaap said…

    is all this underlying bitterness really just masking a deeper disappointment that Alyssa Milano refused to sign your Peasant Top touch rather than the underperformance of the Mets? For shame.

  • At 4:17 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    I would rather the mets go down to AA or A to get a SS who can flash some leather. Ramon can not hit his way out of a cheap paper bag. defense is what most teams need at SS

    do you think we could trade Putz for anything before he loses all of his value? who needs an 8th inning guy who ALWAYS gives up a run?

    delgado was a dicey signing. I did not really want him back. he had a great august but a crappy september. i would have preferred they take his 12 mil and go elsewhere, but he did put omar and the mets in a tough spot by playing hard for 2 months. as much as I wanted Willie gone, I am certain CD sandbagged him. I actually think delgado as leader is what is deep down wrong with this team.

    what is tendinitis of the calf? next we will be hearing about calcium deposits or some other weird thing. this Reyes "injury", while now seemingly the real deal, lookd like it may wimd up being big trouble.

  • At 2:50 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    hmm interesting theory. Delgado has been the vacuum all along. If someone steps up to provide "leadership" while he is recovering from surgery, perhaps we'll have "proof."

    Putz better not be hurt, or his value is ka-putz.

  • At 7:21 AM, Anonymous cver said…

    IMFM, you must be shell-shocked, buddy! Nice feel-good win for the Mets at Fenway last night, though, even though another 2 errors for Ramon Martinez. I loved when Santana manned up and said "just go to first base" or whatever he said.


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