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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mr. Wilpon, Tear Down that Wall!
Chase Utley and Ryan Howard relax after a long day of holding each others' subs.

I'm back from a long vacation, and ready to take on the Phillies and Yankees, Mets enemies #1 and well, I'm not sure where the Yankers rate these days, but we don't like them. I need to get back into the swing of Mets baseball, as depressing as it may be. The results of this week could possibly boost morale around here, or could bury the replaceMets further back in the standings.

Those stupid Citifield walls are fast becoming a nuisance. Sure, the Mets got their share of homeruns tonight, but even so, it seems like the park was built specifically to contain this particular lineup. Gary Sheffield can't be pleased with the way suddenly-gold-glove-Raul Ibanez nailed him easily at second after what looked like a Shef homerun bounced harmlessly off the 400 foot wall in left center. He has to hit those things softer if he's going to get his 40 year old ass to second when he hits a double. The dimensions are annoying.

Not that there weren't plenty of homeruns tonight; particularly disconcerting was the bushel given up by Johan. Citi's weakest yet was "launched" by Chase Utley in the 8th, a ball that was thrown back onto the field harder than it was hit. Optimistically, the Mets held on tonight to survive a comeback and beat the Phillies, crawling to within 2 games. Pessimistically, the Mets barely won with their best pitcher on the mound, and he got hammered (for him) for the second game in a row. Facing Cole "Pretty Boy" Hamels with Big Pelf tomorrow, the Mets are not guaranteed to come out of this series less than 4 games out.

With the Mets decimated by injuries in the past month, fanboys and girls are looking to possible trades to fix the mess that is the Omar blueprint. Or rather, the blueprint is no longer entirely the problem, since we are two or three levels of injury away from that flawed plan.

So let me just say: Matt Holiday--do not want. A former c-Rockie whose bonifides are no doubt exaggerated in one way or another who also happens to have been part of the Colorado club's attempts to moralize baseball--he always left me uneasy being as I am a lifelong champion of the separation of Church and Plate. Speaking of, the Mets already have a soldier of Christ play occasionally in right field, when he isn't doing penance in Jerry's doghouse. This team needs some religious balance. Plus, Holliday's rules for interacting with fans seem odious. Thanks, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Coming soon...
My trip to Safeco field in Seattle! Teaser: They know how to price seats and have a ballpark Hall of Fame up north!


  • At 7:29 AM, Blogger katherine said…

    Well, I came back to your blog for my daily trip to ogle the doughnuts, and I see your new post. I hadn't heard anything about the mets possibly acquiring Matt Holliday - it would seem to me we need a first baseman more than an outfielder. And Matt's blog is hilarious, can't possibly be the real thing! That blog is part e e cummings and part "Flowers for Algernon"
    But if they can get him, why not!! Go for it!

  • At 11:18 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    Omar would give too much for a guy who would walk at year's end. Besides, he just is not that good. I honestly do not care if they get someone or not. I anxiously await the final departure of Carlos Delgado, the man I believe represents everything that is soft about this team. If they can get DeRosa or Nicky Johnson on the cheap, fine. Even better, Delgado NEVER comes back. Give me the choice of either getting DeRosa or Johnson and the possibility of Delgado never coming back, I choose the latter.

    Welcome back, IMFM!!!

  • At 9:32 PM, Anonymous cvertana said…

    Have the Philme's with their championship truly earned the right to replace their "m" with "li" in their name? Maybe with us leveling Shea, Jason Werth was taking on a Curse of Swoboda tonight. Still, I have to tip my cap to him. And I will emphasize that there is no well in hell, IMO, that either the Yanks or Phils are our #1 rivals. That honor still belongs to the BR*VES, whose ace (whose name you will never again say) may file a grievance for sucking so much that he got released.

  • At 11:05 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Katherine, i could tell you were on to something sophisticated when you spelled doughnuts the intellectual way."Flowers for Algernon"! Another first for my blog. They shouldn't get him cuz I don't like him.

    Jdon, the team does seem to play just as well (or poorly) without Carlos Delgado, who was a good idea at the time. Wright seems more vocal lately (he went to calm Pelfry down tonight) and for good or bad the Mets need someone's leadership.

    Cver, I'm not forgetting the br*ves,but I need to be more careful with my own catchphrases. I also need to do a serious investigation into the awkward departure of Agent Gl*vine from the stables of Atlanta. I wonder if he rolled his eyes when he was told to retire or get released?

    Tonight, the game was lost when the Mets' two remaining everyday stars could not field their positions properly. This game was won but for that. Yes, apparently that is too much to ask. Beltran should know that you can't catch a ball with your eyes closed. Ruined a pretty good effort on Pelf's part.

  • At 5:03 AM, Anonymous jdon said…

    ....and jumping when you don't have to? Doesn't this guy ever listen to Walt Frazier?


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