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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens: "I'm Guilty"

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Clemens' opening statement: "If I'm guilty of anything, it is of being too trusting of everyone, wanting to see the best in everyone, being too nice to everyone. If I'm considered to be ignorant of that, then so be it. ..when I did speak out, I was accused of protesting too much, so I'm guilty. When I kept quiet at the advice of my attorney...I must have had something to hide, so I'm guilty. "

"I'm a positive person, and I enjoy doing things for others. I'm not just a ballplayer, I'm a human being."

That's rich. He's never tested positive.

Clemens' argument that the Mitchell report is wrong and he did not use PEDs: His father died and his mother raised him. He ran 2 miles home to his condo when he was in high school because he didn't have a car. His innocent sister in law murdered over drugs. He promises to be honest and genuine to every person he can be.

This is not as entertaining as the Simpsons version.

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Mr. Impartial, Rep. Dan Burton, pictured above, had this to say:

"This is really disgusting. You're here as a sworn witness. You're here to tell the truth," the Indiana Republican said. "You're here under oath, and yet we have lie after lie after lie after lie, of where you've told this committee and the people of this country that Roger Clemens did things -- I don't know what to believe. I know one thing I don't believe and that's you.

Roger Clemens is a titan in baseball."

And you're a politician.

One thing we are learning from this is how many good reasons for lying to Congress are out there:

Andy Pettitte, who did HGH that one time, and that other time, on why he wasn't forthcoming on his drug use the first time:

"Andy did not want his father, whom he deeply respects and loves, to be brought into this matter and sought to shield him from publicity. In both cases, Andy used HGH in a misguided effort to recover from injury."

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  • At 7:55 AM, Blogger Sidd Finch said…

    Lie to Congress? Hell, that's no big deal. The President does it all the time.

  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Bush doesn't lie to Congress just cause they're Congress; he'd do the same for any American!


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