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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Obsessing about Santana, Abscessing about Roger

It looks like the Clemens case might just turn on how well Brian McNamee knows Rodger's ass.

According to some leaking lawyer, McNamee had told investigators that Clemens developed an abscess on his buttocks around the time that McNamee said he was giving him steroid injections during the 1998 season. Now that his actual posterior is in for some analysis, I almost feel sorry for the guy...

I feel blessed however, that I don't know what an ass abscess is. Methinks journalists are getting a little punchy from the story. From the NY Times (bold added):

Whatever McNamee did or did not tell Mitchell about an abscess, it is now likely to become part of the back and forth between the sides.

Meanwhile, the NY tabloid writers and our own Matthew Cerrone are whipping up the Mets masses on a daily basis. The Mets seem to have a good shot. All I know is one cold morning we are going to wake up to some earth-shattering news:

1) Mets will not get Santana, and the Yanks, NL East team, or Sawx will get him
2) Mets will not get Santana, because the Twins hold on to him, resigning him to longterm deal
3) Mets will not get Santana, and some surprise, but harmless non-competitor will get him
4) Mets will get Santana but at the price of the entire upper level of their farm system
5) Mets will not get Santana, because the Twins hold on to him for a year (Mets will get crack at free agency, but 2008 hopes are diminished)
6) Mets will get Santana at a reasonable price (i.e. no Gomez or Martinez). Love and Happiness will reign.

I have tried to rank the possibilities pretty much according to ascending levels of awesomeness. Perhaps 4 and 5 could be reversed according to taste. We all hope to hold on to F Mart. And even though Gomez has yet to prove he can hit at the major league level, you have to love the flashes of brilliance, energy and potential he showed us last year.


  • At 5:13 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    I guess Roger was working on his Abs too much. But alas, I am surprised that you left out one of the other fearful scenarios for Santana - the Mets give up Martinez, Carlos Gomez, Humber, Guerra, Mulvey and possibly more - 2 or even 3 of them become superstars and then Santana either gets a career ending injury after he signs a longterm deal with us or he shrivels under the NY media and fan pressure and/or gets some lousy pitching advise (like when Stottlymyre taught Gooden the changeup or when Heilman's arm angle got altered). Let's hope for the best.

  • At 10:14 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Keep Mel Stottlymyre the hell away from our Santana!!

    This may be the most painful off season in memory. We didn't "wait" for Zito this long did we?


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