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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Mitch is a Bitch: Wally Temporarily Forgets How Bad the Mets Suck

Wallace Matthews' juicy new column examines the different treatment given to Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. And best of all, he explains it in terms of sorcery. That is, Barry Bonds gets all the negative attention on the roids front because he's a witch! See, I quote Matthews to prove my point, not selectively or anything:

It has been about race, pure and simple, a witch hunt solely in search of a black witch.

I learned everything I know about journalistic integrity from Wally, but still I have to say, Wally has gone soft. He didn't even mention the Mets once.


Was it Wise to sign a pitcher afraid to throw the ball? On the balance, Omar has done well with the bullpen. Right now the relief corps is missing something, unless you are one of those who think Duaner Sanchez is coming back, and at the same level. If I was gambling on a guy who had mental-mechanical problems, I'd kick the tires on the Cardinals dude who did roids and moved to the outfield, but at least it shows that Omar Minaya is alive and well and not disappeared as it had started to seem. I love me some Mark Prior, so it's mildly heartening to hear the Mets linked to the race to sign him to a one-year deal, I suppose so he can luxuriate in the Mets Florida training mecca Cliff Floyd once called a black hole. It's also absurd to see the number of teams interested in fighting to sign this train wreck who will only play from July to October of 2008 under contract for you, before either looking for a new contract or finally succumbing to his injuries and retiring. I mean I'd still like to see him sign with the Mets, seeing as ticket prices have already been raised to accommodate the signing of someone.

There isn't much to even talk about. Along with some typical "the AL is the Best" claptrap (including the quote that the Blue Jays, according to one AL executive [which one is the crack smoking GM again?] "would win the National League"), Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings mentions in passing that some anonymous GM thinks the Mets do have the chips to land Johan. And Can't Stop the Bleeding is only the latest stop for the story that George Mitchell is also a douche. If you're in a sour contrarian mood like I am, then visit Bad Mets and puzzle over their crusade to save Shea Stadium. It involves bullfighting so it can't be that bad.


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