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Thursday, January 03, 2008

This Just In: Santana Not Yet Dealt

Is that Rusty Staub?

The Mets' Baby New Year...Someone needs a diaper changing!

Other than entering Year Two of the Santana Sweepstakes, there is little going on. The Wilpons are taking money baths. Perhaps Omar is playing Jenga somewhere. And I suppose Derek Jeter is working on his taxes. The recent spate of columnists selecting the Mets as their off-season whipping boys only serves to underline both how exaggerated expectations are in New York and how Omar probably deserves the criticism.

Odds and ends...

Although it was a treat to spend part of New Year's eve watching one tool, Carson Daly, try to deflect trash from the person of another tool--those tools must stick together--most Metsfans were probably just thinking glad we didn't sign him; A-Roid's oily demeanor is kind of off-putting. Not as off-putting as watching poor Dick Clark try to overcome his own face to notch one more idiotic New Year's special on his belt. I feel bad for the guy, but maybe Dick Clark is the Pete Rose or Nolan Ryan of television. He just hangs around going for records.


"Yes, yes, I suck. Next question."
Metsbloggers all over the place have been scratching their heads wondering over the status of a possible deal for Johan Santana. One thing not considered...

Minneapolis, Minnesota weather:
ClearWind: N at 0 mph

Humidity: 67%
Wed8°F -1°F
Thu25°F 15°F
Fri30°F 20°F
Sat36°F 22°F

Maybe it's too damn cold for the Twinkies to deal.

The best rap (sports related) since Lastings' last joint dropped (link swiped from Deadspin).



  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    I wrote today that possibly Omar has taken a calculated stance this offseason to "wait and see" considering the Mitchell report and the dark days of baseball history that we are witnessing. Why trade mucho prospectos or sign anyone longterm who might turn out to be a juicer or be going through withdrawals through the first year of an expensive multiyear contract. He turned out to have "the vision thing" regarding not re-signing Lo Duca and I admit it. What else don't we know? Was "It takes a Thrillage" even less of a model citizen than we thought? As I mentioned, if I were him, I'd have Magnum PI shadowing Santana and if he passes the acid test, let's get him please. In a perfect world, the NY Mets will acquire and only retain players who on-the-natch can give us championship trophies. This is, in this steroid era, a more difficult task, than ever before.

  • At 9:55 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Your efforts to bring historical perspective are or should be right on--but i wonder if Omar has the same bredth of vision as you; he may be living for tomorrow more than for posterity. It's very true that we don't have perfect information, but it is also true that gms that have better information still make monumental mistakes (Jesus Flores, Lastings Milledge). And I think the wisdom of signing players tainted by performance enhancers depends on what exactly the fallout for guys like LoDuca ends up being--I mean Clemens might end up being sued or perjuring himself, but on the other hand Omar signed a guy like Mota with full knowledge, and he has other exposed users(Showenblow?) in their system right now. Tejada's contract has yet to be voided to my knowledge. So these guys will play on,perhaps a little lighter in the wallet due to lost endorsements, and a guy like Arod, if say he is a juicer, would still make a valuable acquisition--i doubt a gm would let the taint stand in the way of signing a truly valuable player at least at the current moment. If something big happens to change this gm mentality, then maybe. But remember, the gms and front offices were complicit in this whole thing.


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