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Friday, July 06, 2007

Stop Sign On Maine Street!*

Welcome to itsmetsforme...

I'd like to break it down today, and address some issues of serious concern to all of us here at IMFM. For extra sensitivity, I will use italics. The thing is....lately I have been receiving a lot of emails and such, accusing me of being soft on Mets Vice President of Media Relations Jay Horowitz. Well, I think I need to respond to this vocal majority...

You people claim that Horowitz has failed to stop the most egregious of Mets PR nightmares. Well that might be true. But he's got so many other nice qualities, I just can't stay away.

Selected episodes, not featured in Jay Horowitz' best-seller, My Triumphs: My Years Doing PR for a team that's colors are Blue and Orange

Did I vote for him for media hero? Yes, yes I did. And yes, although he failed to tell David Wright not to pose for the covers of Better Homes and Gardens or the video game Drunk Driver III, I gave him a pass. Do I allow myself to be influenced by the personal letter I get from Omar Minaya every pre-season? Maybe. Did I mistakenly think Horowitz was in the Beastie Boys? Perhaps. Does that make me a bad person? No, I submit to you, that is not what makes me a bad person.

In conclusion, if you people want me to hate Jay Horowitz, well that's not going to happen. Bill Ianniciello, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Services? Maybe. But not Horowitz.

Now to the game. The Mets managed to win another first game of a series. And score some more early runs. Ho hum. I'll believe it when I see a game 2 victory. The story here is Mr. Maine. Even the most dogged fans of Mr. Kris Benson have to admit, Maine is now the team stopper. In fact one well-respected Metfan has even gone so far as to say Maine's tenth commandment was thou shalt not loose! Anyway, the season is going as smooth as a Rickey Ledee route to an outfield catch--we think he'll catch it, but it is painful to watch. We think we're going to win the division, but...


If you have already finished your homework and done your chores, why not head over to check out the new Metwork blog, featuring the charming anonomous comedy stylings of an ex-reader of this space, Sidd Finch. Today, Sidd talks with George Burns.

*title courtesy of Cver's European Title and Brazillian Wax Service



  • At 4:18 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Yes, this is the place to hide all of your secrets! I just hope the Mets can wax to the championship!

  • At 11:32 PM, Blogger Jaap said…

    It's a nice suggestion but the only person in the front office I can ever *really* work up a healthy hatred for is Mike Landeen Vice President, Venue Services. For one, he hardly ever liaises with the appropriate personnel - hotdog salespersons mixing with toilet maintenance and the valet staff are often seen fraternising with union reps, just for starters.

    Secondly, he seems to have made patron access, especially for those with disabilities, so difficult so as to almost seem spiteful, as if he's saying (subliminally, of course,) "we don't want no cripples at the game because we can't figure out how to construct wheelchair ramps at an appopriate angle."

    And lastly, adding insult to injury, he never provides a briefing, as required, to service personnel prior to the opening of the venue. He just hands them their buckets and mops, their kegs of beer and their raw burgers and tells them to get crackin!

    How do I know this? I've got many, many sources on the inside. And every one of them say they spit on the food before every game.

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