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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mets bash Happ-less Phils

As the calendar mercifully turns to July, Metsfans are getting a long overdue reward, watching (or at least watching some of the games--thanks Extra Innings!) their team beat the Phillies back down into third in a series that has to be frustrating for those loyal and charming Philadelphia fans. But I don't believe in Phillies and I never have. After a Fux broadcast on Saturday that showed, at least to me, how much less annoying Timmy! McCarver is when not flanked by Joe Buck, I was primed to turn on my expensive "baseball package" and pray for Pelfrey to come out strong. But Extra Innings doesn't carry this game. Why? Me and my $200 want to know. I'd like some extra innings right now, please.

June is over and the Mets are only a game off of last year's pace. Let's say goodbye to June, to Shawn Green groundouts to second, to Aaron Heilman gift-bombs, to Stash errors, to Beltran's listless hitting and fielding, to clueless Delgado at-bats, Show's pitching crimes against the game, to loosing series, to getting swept, and to back-to back-to back Dodger jacks. Let's say goodbye to all that. This team appears to be clicking and ready to roll into the post-season.

The two-out run scoring double Pelfrey just gave up to the pitcher notwithstanding.

The media, seemingly exasperated by July's arrival and no team meltdown, has gone after Captain Red Ass relentlessly, telling him to relax or writing him out of town altogether. Media folks, I'm just not interested in any Paul loDuca controversies that don't involve 18 yr old girls. Along with one Carlos' bat going from Bunt-tran to Belt-tran, it is Loduca's fire that coincided most with the end of the worst slide in recent memory, so you won't hear a bad word out of me about the team leader.

As for the injuries, in a way, they couldn't have come at a better time. The All-Star break is about to break, and Sosa and perhaps Ollie will have extra time to heal. I'm such an optimist.



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