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Friday, June 15, 2007

Mets Run Yanks Off the Field with Im-Perez-ive Performance*

Finally a win!

What's not to like? Suffice to say that this loss cost the Yankers some thing in the neighborhood of a bajillion dollars...and that's just Clemens' salary.


Recap of previous misery:About the only thing I got out of the Dodgers series is that my
friend taught me how to enable the digital zoom on my camera. Yes, I am that incompetent. Anyhow, here are the "action" shots I got!! To the left is one of scoreboard in the hopeful time before the bloodbath.

The camera man wanders into my section, and most of heck breaks out! Folks, the jumbotron isn't a real tv!

This, i think, is Valentin swinging lamely to end the second game
Joe Smith, from the perspective of someone who does not yet know how to work their digital zoom.

At batting practice, an unflattering shot of some fan-faves!

Billy Wagner muses over what he will add to the Wednesday evening festivities (hint: 2 run hr)
*title provided by Cver from deep in secluded bunker



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