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Friday, June 08, 2007

I'mmmmmm Back!! (sort of)

I leave the US on May 29th. Regular posting on my novelty sports blog ceases as other events take precedence. I can catch snippets of games at about 7am, and I do a few times. But I miss games and I do it in bunches.

Mets go into a tailspin. 3 wins to 6 loses. 4 loses in a row. Aaron Poopeyface and Billy "Goat" Wagner take turns blowing games out their butts. Super Endy goes down ugly. Mets suffer sweep at the hands of the "Team to Beat."


I don't think so. This team needs me. I can only thank the baseball gods that I didn't witness firsthand last night's extra inning massacre. I don't think I could take the loss of a game where the Mets hit three back to back jacks to take the lead, and still lost.


The sillyness surounding MLB's THE DRAFT is hard to take. And in the case of the interview they posted of Darryl Strawberry, hard to hear. Here's a partial transcript:

Q: How early in your high-school...did you first notice scouts being there?
Straw: Mrmammammam--mumble,..Dan Dreifort? mmmmmmm. John Houseman? mumble mumble.

Did the MLB hire the Crenshaw High School AV club to produce THE DRAFT?

I wonder if Barry Bonds mom knows he takes steroids? According to a pointless story that i am needlessly giving new life to, Mrs. Bonds gave her son a talking to:

"'The Giants are losing because of the way you're playing and you know it. So snap out of it,'" Bonds said his mother told him. "'Nobody told you to be great, but you are. That's your responsibility. So play like you are [great].'"


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