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Monday, June 18, 2007


Carlos(t) Delgado(esn't) hitting--what a sight for sore eyes!?

Jose Reyes running rampant, and even Carlos(t) Buntran getting into the action? Watching Delgado fail (SNY flashed some pretty horrific numbers concerning his sucess rate with runners in scoring position) was a lot like catching your Dad in women's clothing on Father's Day--who is this guy? In my heart, I know he is no Alomar. But damn, it's been depressing to watch.

Tonight was a nice little treat. John Maine reverted to his early season form. The offense wasn't offensive. Even superman Torry Hunter didn't seem to have an answer for the Mets.

The game was comfortable enough to allow for a little innocent napping. But when I was awake, I checked out the competition. Perhaps I'm already channel flipping as a hangover from being spoiled by last year's large divisional leads, and the Phillies did their part loosing nicely to the Indians. Just Phillies being Phillies. And thanks for absolutely nothing Boston. Thanks for the questions. Why the hell are they resting Big Papi or whatever they call that guy? Isn't he a DH normally anyway, occasionally playing first? Does anyone root for Curt Shilling? And my eyes are seared with the memory of Tyler Freakin Yates blowing high 90's cheese by a listless Manny Ramirez. All the sudden the mighty Sawx can't beat Chuck James, bitch? They are fallable, and did sign Julio Lugo and J.D. Drew I guess, but I expect more, even though the Mets didn't exactly send the Evil Empire running in fear this past weekend. The Mets always seem to let me down on Sunday night baseball vs. the Bronx Biters, and frankly, I don't plan on talking about it. I also will not be making fun of Ricky Ledee until further notice.

The real test is coming, in the person of All-World southpaw* Johan Santana. Throw out the tea leaves and forget about the groundhog, Tuesday's results will tell us if this team is waking from its slumber, or whether tonight was just a dream.

News from the Bizzarro Metsland

Those Orioles are at it again, only this time, our buddy Jim Duquette seems to have nothing to do with it. On a day brightened by improbable stopper and Omar steal (for $5 and half mil, some random Jorge and Useless Mr. Benson) John Maine, the Orioles made bigger news.

Apparently Sam Perlozzo was kind of incompetent, and now he is out as Baltimore manager:

In the most infamous example, in Boston on May 13, Perlozzo pulled starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie after 91 pitches with one out in the bottom of the ninth inning of a game the Orioles led 5-0. The Red Sox subsequently stormed back against the Orioles' bullpen, scoring six runs for a 6-5 win.

So where does that leave the "Rockin' Retard," Perlozo's right hand man, half a million dollar contract Leo Mazzone whom the Baltimore Bad News Bears pried from the Klan? We can now add having the Baltimore Bozos to thank for an assist on breaking the Br*ves stranglehold on the NL East. How do the Mets ever repay the Orioles for their largesse? Hmm. Does Peter Angelos fancy Aaron Heilman?

*Did you know where the term "southpaw" comes from? Neither did I, when asked the other night. Wikipedia supplies a plausible answer:

ballparks are often designed so that the batter is facing east, in order that the afternoon or evening sun does not shine in his eyes. this means that left-handed pitchers are throwing from the south side. the first use of the term is credited to finley peter dunne.

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  • At 11:31 PM, Blogger Jaap said…

    Delgado can never be Alomar. For one, what about his inaugural post-season series? Alomar was absolute shite when we got him and the son of absolute shite when we finally unloaded him. But what about Carlos Baerga? Wouldn't he, rather than Alomar be the starting second baseman on your All-Time Shite Mets Trade Team? And please god, let Art Howe manage them into oblivion. Gonna have to work that into an off-day post some rainy drunken afternoon.

  • At 10:16 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    that is an excellent point--who would man second base on such a team? clearly a platoon is in order.


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