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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Mets are (Car) Lost

One out of three ain't bad, one out of three Carlos' performing that is.

Yes, if it wasn't for Gomez, there'd be no good Carlos news at all. This group of castaways can't get out of their own way, much less beat the "others." The starting pitching is reverting back to the mean after a spectacular start, and the bull(shit)pen acts like clowns, the offense is in a deep funk, today's 8 runs notwithstanding. The issue seems to be Beltran and Delgado, but also prettyboy Wright, coming up small in key situations. Jose Reyes can't create runs by himself without being occasionally knocked in from 3rd by a hit or a lousy deep flyball! Well, OK, he can create balked in runs by himself, but only so many a game. The point is, fans are having a hard time wrapping their heads around this cliff dive, and if the Mets can't start winning, they will soon be looking up at the Br*ves.

The team is doing the opposite of clicking, whatever that is. Clacking? Why should we expect the offense to pick it up, one more time, when Toothless Tom gives back runs like the one armed bandit gives back tokens? Can we ask any more of the subs, other than going 7 for 13 with 4 RBIs?

There is nothing I can say about Tom Glavine that I haven't said before. Other than this: thinking of him as anything other than a washed up, 4th or 5th starter on a playoff team is a mistake.

At what time do we ask Willie for a little fire, say, like the last proud manager to lead the Mets into "battle"?

The team needs some leadership. Someone needs to step up. Paging Mr. Coverboy?

David Wright wanders the wreckage of his former NL best team

Besides leadership, what else is there to do? This is not an easy fix, because the personel seems to be the right mix--it's the stars that aren't getting it done. I am not looking for panic trades, because that ain't Omar's specialty. But if (No) Show is hurt, DL 'em. Or at least stop giving him chances to hurt the team in close games. If Delgado is swinging a wifflebat, then sit him a day or two, and then drop him in the order til he finds himself. Have Buntran keep him company. If Old Man Moises is still hurt, then make dogfood of him and forget him. If the pen is not getting it done, then bring in some fresh blood. Hopefully, there is a substance abuse clause in Mota's 2 year deal.

These guys better pull it together, before the whole damn season is...

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  • At 6:01 PM, Anonymous GaryG said…

    Giving up 16 runs in 8.1 innings over the past two starts is not normal. Maybe the guy is hurt.

    Yeah, Beltran choked in the 9th, and Carlos Delgado has looked more like Wilson Delgado at the plate lately. But 8 runs should be enough to win.

    And its not only Tom Terrible, but Mota and Just Forfeit didn't help matters either today.


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