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Monday, March 12, 2007

Around the Horn

The man I affectionately knew as Jeromy "Canthitz" Burnitz has retired from baseball. He was a likeable guy, but man, it was painful to watch this guy struggle at the plate in his last go-round as a Met. There are a number of old ladies sitting in box seats all over the world who can now breathe just a bit easier. Shea was really not the place for Jeromy and his titanic struggles. Perhaps Burnitz should curse Steve Phillips for bringing him back.

Speaking of the devil, Mike at Mike's Mets has some intellegent discussion of Steve Phillips' legacy after the relevation that he dangled not only David Wright, but now Jose Reyes as trade bait. I just can't believe we need to waste more electronic ink on this bozo.

Speaking of horrors, I tuned in to watch Dice K's start against the Baltimore Orioles, eager to see the man who could've been Met and his repitiore of pitches. Guess who surprised me with his ugly boring mug? Yes, I thought i was free of Steve "Trash-on-the-hill" Trachsell, but apparently not. And he won the game while Matsuzaka lost! Who says life is fair. I was going to studiously avoid all Baltimore Orioles games because of I hate seeing Mr. Benson, but just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water...

In the Burnitz article, I noticed that Brian Jordan has also received no interest from major league clubs and is sitting at home. Which reminded me that of all the Br*ves, I'll always hate that guy the most. He always got lucky against the Mets. His signature play was one time when he intentionally tried to injure the Mets catcher, trying to take Piazza legs out at the plate on a meaningless play, because he was pissed at the pitcher for something or another. No class Jordan--have fun watching baseball on TV, if you can get a dish and have proper southern exposure!

Well, I'm off to enjoy what is sure to be a hilarious interview with Coach Rickey.

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