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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Around the horn

Say it isn't so!

The lead story of the weekend has to be the Thursday announcement of the MLB-DirecTV "deal."

For the MLB's fork-tongued press release, go here.
For Richard Sandomir's excellent analysis, go here.

The deal? It's kind of exclusive.

According to the AP by way of espn, the deal contains a provision that allows its "Extra Innings" package of out-of-market games to remain on cable television if the other incumbent providers -- InDemand and EchoStar Communications Corp.'s Dish Network -- agree to match the terms.

It's hard to believe that the MLB won't admit that fan and media pressure got to them.

So now a nation turns its weary eyes to Robert D. Jacobson, the InDemand consortium negotiator who is kind of already pissed at the MLB. Senators Kerry and Spector will be looking over the deal in the meantime, a headache you'd think the MLB barons of bullshit would like to avoid. Though nothing is resolved , but I have to remain optimistic that big cable will pull something out of their big cable asses.

The upshot of this is that MLB is giving big cable til March 31 to bargain for ExtraInnings. Of course, they are giving the customer until March 15th to stop MLB from charging their credit cards for another, slightly discounted, automatic renewal of MLBtv. Giving everyone a deadline.
Karma's gonna get you, Bud.

Clown Camp

Suddenly, the Mets spring camp is the hottest camp in town.

Willie is not honoring the Duaner, and his teammates are not cutting him any slack. Carlos Delgado's neck is acting up. Shawn Green sucks. Humber's ERA is higher than his age. Old Duque is old. John Franco's wrist is older (though the Dodgers now have a fan who is older than Francostein). BygollyOllie is pitching himself to AAA. Mike "Bats in my" Pelfrey is impressing. Poopyface Heilman isn't impressing. Lastings cleans up his act, but forgets that this is, after all, a family show ("I got to get my [grown] man on").

If you think the hicks of the NL East won't cause problems for the mets, then Greg Maddox is pissing on your leg and telling you its raining. The Br*ves, as far as I'm concerned the mets' perrenial competition until further notice no matter what Jimmy Rollins says, are also having a rollicking camp all of the sudden. There ought to be a German word for the pleasure I feel at reading that:
Bobby Cox is (thinking of) retiring.
Mike Hampton is continuing to enjoy the curse of Mr Met (hey it beats workin, right Mike?).
Atlanta signs Methodman, or Redman. Or something desperate sounding.

The round-up...

is the lazy blogger's best friend, but a few blogosphere happenings bear mentioning. Archie Bunker's Army is up and running again, with the internet's sexiest baseball previews. I think you'll find that Jap's previews are nicely biased, and in the case of the Met's rotation, brutally honest.

And Metsgrrl is taking commitment to a new, er lower, level by putting her best foot forward.

So check them out.

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