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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's that Smell? Is that Spring in the Air, or just the Reaking MLB DirecTV deal?

Hey the spring games have commenced and its not the Mets opening loss to the Tigers that is bothering me (way to "battle" guys). I ain't happy. Well not, "I just signed Gary Matthews Jr. to a 5 year 50 million contract" unhappy. But still, why has the DirecTV deal not been announced?

If the MLB goes ahead and announces this unholy alliance anyway, as all signs point to, then why did they drag it out so long? It seems the MLB is even more cynical than I thought. Waiting till the hubub dies down and going ahead with this dunderheaded plan is just icing on a very nasty cake, a cake, that a few years down the road I predict will return to bite MLB in the ass. Lack of televised baseball makes me mix metaphors.

Chris Isidore's CNN money report gives some hope, but is it false hope?

Bite me, Bud.



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