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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gotta think about something else, Gotta...

What do you do after a loss like this? I'm cautiously optimistic right now, that the Mets can eke out a win tomorrow and right the ship. I have no more words to say about a certain crappy ass 4th or 5th starter that picked a fine time for the most momentous failure of his shitty career--Omar, you know what to do. What do I do to get my mind off of this?

Think of England?

Lets talk about Psycho Steve Lyons getting shitcanned by Fox for making apparently racially insensitve comments. Even after reading the transcripted parts, I don't really understand what he said, so I have trouble seeing the offensive angle. Did Fox read my post about the crisis in baseball broadcasting and react? Why not just fire him for being an utter complete moron with nothing to add to the game? He once made some confusingly dumb remarks about Shawn Green too.

That reminds me, let's talk about why Shawn Green can't catch or make a decent decision in right field. No, wait, that's Mets baseball and we don't want to talk about that.

Ah fuck it. Here's Ollie Perez' game plan for tomorrow--I think I've isolated a theme from his comments to the press:

"I think the most important thing in the playoffs is don't get too nervous," said Perez, who was 2-10 for the Pirates this year, 1-3 for the Mets with ERAs in excess of six runs per game for both teams. "It's the same baseball, just a little more pressure. You just have to play baseball and don't think about it."
... "Right now, I feel good because there's a lot of veteran guys around me," Perez said. "It's my first time being with a lot of veterans, like Glavine and Pedro, and they help me a lot. They just tell me, 'Be relaxed in the game and don't think too much. Just play baseball.'"

Here's hoping "relaxing and not thinking" are the keys to keeping the Mets in the series tomorrow night.
Pray for rain.


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