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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dodgers Game 1 Mets Win!

"What, I gotta tag dis guy out too?" *

The Mets sent a message to the LA Dodgers tonight: we can hit the cutoff man. Just like a couple a dopey Yankmes in
1985, when Bobby Meacham and Dale Berra did the putout conga on Rickey Henderson's single in Yankme Stadium, the unloved Jeff Kent and the fragile J.D. Drew ran themselves and their team right out of the game. Was that Manny Acta over there in the LA third base coaches box, or just someone trying to wrest the title of "MLB's Worst 3rd Base Coach" away from Flushing's own human windmill.

I love winning. I heart Delgado, Maine, Green hitting the cutoff man. And its good to see that Wright and the middle of the lineup aren't getting off to a cold start. And Uncle Cliffy, well, what can you say about that blast? Proper. However, some things that made me raise an eyebrow include:

Mota showboating after shutting LA down, then giving up the lead.
William leaving Mota in, letting him bat for himself.
Reyes not too hot.
Stash with a rare miscue.
Wagner making me sweat John Franco sweat, but with better stuff.

ESPN sent me a message tonight by having the accursed Steve Phillips do the color "commentary". They just have no respect. None for the Mets. None for Mets fans. None for anyone. Except the NY Yankees. Where would national broadcasters on ESPN and Fox be without the Yankee ass-kissing to kill airtime? During every damn game, it seems, we are subjected to Yank-worship. Or a lecture on the greatness of Jeter. And where would they be without Derek Jeter, without this unappealing twit to fawn over? Could a broadcaster get through a single f**ing game without spewing this unoriginal garbage at us? America is sick of the Yankmes, ESPN, get it through your tiny little head.

I guess if you were born in the NY area, parents forced you to support the Yankers, grew up a Yankme fan, have never left town, and have no experience with the outside world, and no sense of fair play. And root for the bully when you watch a teen movie, than I can see why you might root for the NY Yankmes.

Advertisers, America is over the “No World Series titles in a half a decade, not a single compelling personallity and we buy all the best players and a good number of our players cheat by using steroids” Yankees. Really.

I just hate Jeter. How can anyone who loves the game root for this guy to win? I’ll never understand it. He’s had everything handed to him his whole career, faced nothing but the adulation of fans, and been backed by a supporting cast of $100-200 million worth of superstars just about every year. Which reminds me, this payroll crap has got to stop. Yes the Mets have a relatively high payroll, but to compare them with the Spankers is preposterous. If you can add the payrolls of 1 to 3 Major League franchises to a club’s salary, and still not equal the Spunkies, how can you compare? The Yanksees are goliath. And if Joe Buck and Tim McCarver could loosen their lips from the pinstriped ass for just a minute, they too would realize this. How does Goliath-boosterism it add drama to a broadcast? Buck and McCarver, or Morgan and Jon Miller. How to decide which option is worse?

When I say "no personality" here's what I mean:
R. Johnson. Surly Asswipe
J. Damon. Traitor mercenary with no sense of the game
A-Rod. Well, everyone knows about him.
Mussina. A bore.
Giambi. Get off your high horse, roidy.
Sheffield. A Dick. Look it up.
Matsui. Good, but absolutely no personality whatsoever.

This is the team ESPN has put all its chips on?

Whoa, went off on an anti-Spankmes rant there. That all said, they are looking a little bit unstoppable against Detroit. Anyhow, goooo Detroit. Gooo A's!

P.S. Someone forgot to tell Frank Thomas to stop using steroids; have you seen this guy? He's as big as Sosa and McGwire put together!

Tonight's broadcast brought up some other interesting questions. Is John McEnroe trolling for man love dressed like? When will they stop interviewing the managers during the game? It hurts the game like Jeter worship. When will MLB managers, particularly ones vulnerable to the criticism that they just stand there or take naps, realize that the fact that they make time during the game to talk to Joe Buck makes it just a bit harder to take them seriously. In game interviews: Just say no.

On to game two. This ain't gonna be easy, but we can do it.

Let's go Mets. This time I mean it.

*picture lifted from MLB site


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