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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pre-Game One Roundup

Take a break from battling (House of) Cards fans on their blogs, and join me for some quick odds and ends.

What we know:
Darryl Strawberry is throwing out the first pitch on Wednesday. Insert your own joke here.

It might rain, and there are St. Louis fans who are praying for this.

St. Louis, it turns out, is in Missouri.

People actually think paying some $30 million just to talk to Matsuzaka is a good idea for the Mets. I wonder how they feel about resigning Rodger (fly ball dodger) Cedeno?

Beltran has a stomach injury.

Minaya might have questions about Willies' on-field decisions.

Uncle "Glass" Cliffy has what must now be admitted is the best...Mets player blog...ever. Or at least most candid. About his treatment: "I’ll just rub some champagne on it and see, or I’ll have a few beers. Maybe a few more, and by the time I get to Wednesday, I’ll be good to go."

24 hours to Loopy time!! Proof that there is a god!!


Let's Go Mets!


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