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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Curse of Mr. Met


Before attending to the really exciting news, I thought I'd just mention something that the media is too afraid to contemplate. As everyone knows by now, ESPN's The New York Yankees have choked again, beaten to a pulp by a team now best known for being Magnum PI's favs, the Detroit Tigers. A-Rod admits what everyone already knows, and there are even rumors that Joe "I just stand here and try not to expire" Torre may be forced out. I offer these links before the revisionist historians at the Worldwide Leader take them down and shoot those responsible.
You see, the thing is, Steinbrenner's minions have not won a title since they tangled with Armando Benetiz, Timo Perez and the rest of the Mets. Yes, the Yankers won that World Series, though barely scoring more runs than the Mets, but there was a price to pay. Mr. Met's hex insured, by the name of Mookie, the NY Yankers would never win a world series again. And that, children, is how it still stands today.

Pictures of tonight's victory in the morning...


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