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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pre-game 3 Nonsense

I don't want to jinx it, but lets just say that The Gambler's heroic shut down of ESPN's The NY Yankees (tm). last night has my blue and orange heart all a flutter. The A's are downright nasty, but the Yankmes always seem to gain strength with every playoff series victory. So I've got no problem with seeing the Spankee's eliminated today--I'd be lying if I said this wouldn't ease the Metsies route to World Series glory. A Yankers exit will do nothing to cut down various national broadcast team's usage of the word "Jeter," but at least every Yankme-worshiping story will bring a smile to my face when I realize that Bernie Williams is watching somewhere on a couch much like my own.

So off I go to Dodger Stadium to watch The Human All-Star Break try to pitch on too much rest after a family related distraction (marriage problems?). Going to see the game live, I figure, will spare me the pain of listening to ESPN or Fox's national team of village idiots; Joe "This is a different Kenny Rogers" Morgan especially. We can't forget the Sept. 10 Shea Stadium beating the Dodgers gave Trachsel for 2 2/3 innings, but maybe the pitcher we love to hate can pull out some rare magic, or maybe the Mets will score 6-8 runs to offset the inevitable 5 Trax will give up. If Trashy can't get it done, tomorrow never knows--word is that either Ollie (Golly) or the MainMan will take the mound, and it could get dicey. These Dodgers have been streaky all year, and Kent can still get it done, so we can't get ahead of ourselves--the Mets must not let these guys off the mat.

Besides Drew's mad dash into the catcher's glove and Furcal's wait-and-see attitude on Franco's double-play ball, the difference in this series has been the teams' ability to overcome injuries. The Mets thus far have been able to overcome their crushing rotational injuries while the Dodgers have been hurt badly by theirs. Add Nomar to the Blue pile today. Lying Left hand specialist Joe Beimel's antics can't help the atmosphere in a clubhouse that is already filled with felons and jerks. But anything can happen.

Go Mets!!


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