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Thursday, October 19, 2006

the aftermath


This hurt a lot more than it should have. The team just turned it around this year, finally took out the Br*ves, and will most likely improve with a solid base for the future. Not like 2000 when it was clear the team had some aging parts that would not be delivering any repeat performances. Getting through the first round of the playoffs is a good start, right?

So why does it hurt so much? Maybe we have the bends, this team has skipped the rebuilding and jumped right into contention, from laughingstocks to laughing Reyes. Maybe it's the way the team overcame the almost complete decimation of its starting rotation, the barely concealed antimosity of the Fox broadcast team, or the threatening rain, less than an hour away from Shea, according to Cardinal fan Joe Buck.

In my opinion, I think it hurts so bad because this is the first team in a while we can love. That's why.Yeah, they were talented, loose, confident and resiliant. But mainly it hurts 'cause it would've been so sweet to see these guys--this particular bunch-- go all the way.

Yeah, I'm wondering where the offence went. Yeah, I'm questioning William Randolph's decisions. Yeah the Cardinals are not the better team. And, yeah, I'll admit it, I am not satisfied with the umpiring. (I used to think I knew what the strike zone was but now I'm not so sure. I saw things, such as the half called strike, that I never saw before.) But this is the most satisfying depression in recent memory. We'll be back.

And you know what? Not a bad year. Not bad at all.

Take it away, Mr. Met!

The future's so bright...


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