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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Niese and Easy

More pix from my Amazin' trip to Houston.

A-ha! There's a mention of Enron!

If you sit behind 1st baseline, expect to be blinded by the setting sun for a half an inning.

The man.

For sale.

Who doesn't love this little guy? Going on another patented "Omir Tear."

Texas folks can't resist poking fun at the ferner.
Kaz plays along but his longtime fans know he dies a little bit inside each time they ask to film another gag.


Astros mascot caught gorging itself on the flesh of human children.

God talks to Luis Castillo.

Houstonians are generally genial, and though unremarkable, OJ Park is a decent place. So I hate to be negative. But this guy is the worst fucking usher I have ever seen (HE "WORKED" THE AISLE BETWEEN 127 and 128 tonight). That is a "stop" sign in his hand. Dude if you are reading this, you SUCK! Do your fucking job, it's easy enough.

To explain the above photo a bit, ushers at many fine and thoughtful parks limit fans from trouping down the stairs during at-bats or even during innings. They make you wait at the top until play is completed. This is awesome. Unlike ANY OF THE OTHER MINUTE MAID USHERS IN VIEW, the douchelord above, however, let people continually stream down the fucking isle, providing views like this (actually worse since they would block the view of many big pitches).

Nancy did indeed, agree to marry him. I'd have my doubts about this guy, especially with Jon Niese in attendance.

This is, I swear, the 200th picture of Wright I took, trying to capture him hitting a home run. He did just that on this swing, and it towered. Professional I am, I surprised myself with my emotions.

Can you name the 2009 player with each injury? No cheating! (I sure as hell can't.)
(one is more a general condition than an actual injury, just to keep you on your toes)

torn meniscus in right knee
right calf tendinitis
right hamstring strain
little bitch
Bone bruise, right knee
right shoulder discomfort
extreme elderly-ness
Fractured left pinkie finger
Holey swing
Torn right quadriceps
ignorance and immaturity (in the left knee)

Today...the exciting finale!

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  • At 3:36 PM, Anonymous jdon said…

    14 RBI in 12 games ain't bad. Whose idea was this? John Ricco's? I think I read that he was brainstorming it. I am pretty sure Omar said that he came up with it.

  • At 8:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Holey swing" could be anyone on this team; I'm pretty sure "little bitch" is Shane Victorino.

  • At 3:02 AM, Anonymous 乱交パーティー said…

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