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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Note on Scheduling

In case you're wondering, here's the exact schedule of hell you face as a Mets fan for the rest of 2008.

Wed, Sep 24 Cubs 7:00 PM Perez (10-7)Zambrano (14-6)
Thu, Sep 25 Cubs 7:10 PM Martinez (5-6)Harden (10-2)
Fri, Sep 26 Florida 7:10 PM Pelfrey (13-10)Volstad (5-4)
Sat, Sep 27 Florida1:10 PM Niese or somebody (1-1)Nolasco (15-7)
Sun, Sep 28Florida1:10 PMSantana (15-7)Olsen (8-11)

And reports that the Brewers will be adhering to the following schedule:

Wed, Sep 24 Pittsburgh 8:05 PM Sabathia (15-10) Maholm (9-8)
Thu, Sep 25 Pittsburgh 8:05 PM Sabathia (15-10) Duke (5-14)
Fri, Sep 26 Cubs 8:05 PM Sheets (13-8) Dempster (17-6)
Sat, Sep 27 Cubs 3:55 PM TBA Lilly (16-9)
Sun, Sep 28 Cubs2:05 PM TBA Marquis (11-9)

If you ask me, they are relying on Sabathia too much. You know Sheets won't pick up the slack on Saturday though.


  • At 1:53 PM, Blogger katherine said…

    Well, I am glad the Brewers are playing the Cubbies their last three games. Because Lou will be trying to really sharpen everyone up by then, I would think. But facing Florida seems like a bad thing for us. It would be TOO WONDERFUL if we could clinch by the time the FL series rolls around. I don't know if that is mathematically possible.


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