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Friday, April 18, 2008

Mets Sweep Gnats in "Stumble-Off Win"

Ham-Hanrahan-ed Gnats Hand Mets a Sweep in 14

Marty "Pants" Noble summed up the events by which Joel Hanrahan delivered Metsie victory with his usual but appropriate sarcasm:

He allowed a single, wild-pitched the runner to second, directed him to third with an errant pickoff throw and then threw a second wild pitch that allowed the third run to score. Who did what for the Mets was almost incidental. On this night, the Nationals could have lost to anyone.

[Philosophical Editor's Note: But could they have lost to...the Nationals?]

Even with the benefit of living in a superior west coast time zone, yesterday's game was still quite a nuisance. It was a long frustrating nothing fest, nestled between the highs of a solid start by fan favorite Nelson Figueroa and the lows of switching maniacally between 30 Rock and the game, and only seeing Easley's shuffle home on a replay just as the broadcast ended and the SNY fanfare blared. For most of the extra innings, I was as restless as Keith Hernandez when he forgets his fur at home during a long game. And on the occasion of Willie Randolph's 500th managed game, it was as though the teams were trying to simulate 500 games in one night.

The game featured abismal situational hitting, a popped up bunt attempt, enough LOBs to choke a horse, and on the ex-Mets score, some shoddy outfield footwork and ultimately pathetic showboating by Thrilledge (to go along with 3 strikeouts and a 1-6 performance, 3-12 series). Hopefully the Mets will get better at that "execution" thing when it comes time to face a better opponent. And I should add to be fair, I guess the Mets pen performed well.

So the Mets are now a respectable 8-6, just a mere .5 games behind the 1st place seat-warming Fish, and they can thank the Gnats for singlehandedly setting their season back on track. Now they have to take advantage of Jimmy Rollins absence (always with another excuse not to face the Mets; is he a-scared?) to win this series with the Phoolies.

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